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Germantown Neighborhood Center "Neighborhood Coach" Program

Posted on 05/09/2014 in None

The Germantown Neighborhood Center "Neighborhood Coach" Program

Become a neighborhood coach today and help a teen develop their potential.

For just a few hours a month you can help a teen develop life skills for today that will cultivate their potential for tomorrow. As a GNC Neighborhood Coach you have the opportunity to:

  • Increase the self-esteem of young men and women
  • Increase the students’ academic success
  • Help build career and life skills
  • Reduce the risk of unhealthy behavior<
  • Give some advice and inspiration
  • Build your own skills and have some fun!

The GNC Neighborhood Coach program taps the talents, skills and experience of community adult volunteers to mentor youth in Quincy, Massachusetts. We believe that caring and capable adults can make a difference in the lives of children experiencing adversity. This could be the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do. Become a Neighborhood Coach today!

For information on becoming a Neighborhood Coach call us today at 781-974-8067 or email Carl Walker at Please view our flyer for upcoming mentoring workshop on June 4th.

Furthermore, if interested in attending our June 4th workshop, please download our coaching application and bring it to the workshop. Thanks and much appreciated, Carl Walker

About the GNC:

At the Germantown Neighborhood, we’ve been transforming lives for more than three decades . Our educational and social programs benefit the community in myriad ways.  Located in the heart of one of Quincy’s largest public housing developments, the Germantown Neighborhood Center serves residents of low- income, many of them single parent households. With the support and guidance of the South Shore YMCA, we promote people of all ages and backgrounds to manifest their destinies.

Education and Empowerment:

Education and personal strength are the keys to reversing the cycle of generational poverty. Our Family Life Long Learning center has developed target programs including Teen success, financial literacy and strategies for life long positive outcomes and leadership roles.

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