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Women's Programs

At the Germantown Neighborhood Center, women are a priority.  Building self-respect and learning effective communication skills leads to the overall development of personal power.  Our annual Mother's Day Dinner and Christmas Dinner Celebration honor program particpants' achievements. We're here for you!  Come join us.


We want you to know how important you are!

Led by dedicated, talented social work professionals, our Self Esteem groups encourage women to share aspects of their lives' journey, learn from each other and forge strategies to move beyond negative pasts.  Women discover techniques to master many of life's stressful situations through community building and mutual support.  Guest speakers enhance the educational process and women learn about childhood development, goal setting, biographical writing, reducing stress, obtaining a driver's license, pursuing higher education and the home buying process.

And, you can bring your children!  Childcare and dinner provided.


We care about women, their families and their goals!

In this powerful group experience, women discuss how to navigate many of life's issues including parenting and struggling with recovery.  Participants can express their concerns in a supportive and caring environment and learn healthy ways to handle challenging family situations.

Childcare and dinner provided.


We're here to help you look your best!

Our Emerge Boutique provides women with new and gently used casual and professional attire.  The boutique offers a fashion consultant, private dressing rooms, clothing, and accessories.  The boutique is offered by appointment only. To choose your complete outfits, simply call us at 617-376-1384 to schedule a time to visit.


We want you to feel great!

The Women's Wellness Program is dedicated to improving overall strength and flexiblity.  Whether it's stretching, learning simple yoga poses, strength training or going for a brisk group walk, we get the body moving and in shape.  It's an amazing way to increase your energy and feel fantastic!

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