South Shore YMCA

Membership Rates

The below Membership Rates are effective September 2013

Membership Category Emilson (Hanover) &
Monthly Fee*
Quincy-Only Monthly fee* Joiners Fee
1 Adult/1Youth (0-9)** $86 $78 $100
Junior/College (10-22)*** $25  $25 None
Young Adult (23-27) $42 $42 $50
Adult (28-64) $66 $58 $100
Senior (65+) $43 $42 $50
Senior Couple (65+) $86 $84 $50
Household $110 $94 $150

*The monthly rate is an ongoing fee that is paid through an automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account.
**Children ages 0-9 may only join with an adult. 
***Effective February 1st, 2014, Junior Membership rates are $25 for monthly draft members and $35 for Junior Memberships purchased on a monthly basis.

Passport Membership: This membership provides privileges at both branches.

Joiner's Fee: A joiner's fee is required for the membership types indicated above. The fee can be paid in full at the time of enrollment or, for Adult or Household Memberships, the joiner's fee may be spread out over a concurrent 3-month period.

Activation Fee: A $25 Activation Fee (in lieu of a Joiner's Fee) will be charged to past full members who have paid a Joiner's Fee in the last 2 years.

Corporate Membership: For details about Corporate Memberships, please contact the Senior Director of Member Services at the Emilson or Quincy branch.

Financial Assistance: The South Shore YMCA strives to serve the entire community. Financial Assistance is available to those who cannot afford fees. Assistance is awarded based on the need demonstrated by household income and/or extenuating circumstances and the funds available. Monies used to fund Financial Assistance are made possible through charitable donations to our Annual Support Campaign.