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Before & Afterschool Programs

The South Shore YMCA Before & Afterschool Programs in Norwell & Scituate welcomes children in grades K through 6 and gives them an opportunity to participate in activities that are fun, challenging, and developmentally appropriate for all children.  The program is designed to create an enthusiasm for learning while promoting physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being and growth.  Children are offered a variety of enriching activities that include homework time, arts and crafts, active group games, and both indoor and outdoor physical activities. 

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Norwell 2018-2019 Afterschool Family Guide

Norwell 2018-2019 Before/Afterschool Enrollment Packet

Norwell 2017-2018 Before/Afterschool Enrollment Packet

Norwell 2017-2018 Family Guide

Scituate 2018-2019 Afterschool Family Guide

Scituate 2018-2019 Before/Afterschool Enrollment Packet

Scituate 2017-2018 Before/Afterschool Enrollment Packet

Scituate 2017-2018 Family Guide

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Afterschool Curriculum

Children feel safe and supported while learning, exploring, socializing, and simply enjoying themselves.  They are provided with opportunities to enhance social development & competence while participating in the Second Step curriculum, a research based emotional learning program designed to prevent violence and enhance communication skills while learning to solve problems & succeed.  Curriculum is designed for school age children and focus on identifying feelings, managing emotions, critical thinking, conflict resolution, responding with empathy, and applying all this in a social setting.

Children develop in many different ways and at many different times.  We are committed to being sensitive to each child's growth and development.  We are also sensitive to those children who are in need of extra support by recognizing individual varying strengths.  Our Afterschool Program staff work to establish an atmosphere that enables all children to explore and grow.

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