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Swim Lessons & Aquatics

The YMCA is "America's Swim Instructor" and our South Shore YMCA Swim Academy programs offer the area's very best in water safety education and recreation, with Swim Lessons from infant to adult, Swim Team for building competitive swimmers, and an extensive series of Water Fitness options for all ages and abilities.  

Make a Splash

The South Shore YMCA Quincy Branch is a proud Local Partner of the USA Swimming Foundation's Make a Splash Campaign! Vsit the Make a Splash website to learn more about the campaign and our commitment to aquatics safety in our community.

SSYMCA Swim Academy


Parent & Child: Ages 6 Months - 35 Months

Water Discovery and Water Exploration

Lessons designed to teach parents to work safely in the water with their child(ren). Skills taught at an introductory level include pool safety, water acclimation, floating, gliding with support, submerging (at parent's comfort level), and blowing bubbles through mouth and/or nose.  Use of songs, games and props keeps this class moving and fun for everyone.

Water Independence

For 2-4 years old children who have trouble transitioning from parent to teacher. This course allows for the child to learn the more advanced skills of Level 1 with the 1:1 ratio between parent and child.

Preschool: 3-5 Years | Youth Ages 6-12

Level 1:

This course will focus on the swimmer becoming more comfortable in the water. This will include safely entering and exiting the pool, jumping into the water, putting the face in, blowing bubbles, and bobs.  Ready position, pools rules and water safety will also be introduced at this level.

Level 2:

Swimmers will build on the skills learned in Level 1 focusing on floating on the front and back.  They will learn gliding on the front and back, streamline position, kicking and rolling from front to back float.  Swimmers will have continued work on pool safety and rules as well as confidence.

Level 3:

Swimmers will build more proficiency with the front and back glide streamlining. They will continue work with flutter kick, better breath control skills, and better preparation for rotary breathing. Swimmers will be able to jump in the water, push off the bottom and return to the wall and safely exit the pool at this level.  There will be continued work on safety and confidence.

Level 4:

Building on the skills learned in Levels 1-3, this level will build proficiency in freestyle, rotary breathing and backstroke.  Treading water, sitting dives into a streamline position will continue to be worked while still focusing on safety and confidence. 

Stroke School & Swim Squad

Stroke School Level 5 

40 Minutes. Swimmers will be introduced to the breaststroke and become more proficient in freestyle and backstroke.  They will have more in depth practice with kneeling and standing dives as well. This level will continue to work on safety and confidence of each swimmer.

Stroke School Level 6 

40 Minutes. Swimmers will continue work on freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and be introduced to butterfly.  Swimmers will perform standing dives and be introduced to open turns and flip turns. Safety and confidence will continue to be a focus of the program.  

Mini Strypers

60 Minutes, 2 times per week. This is a swimmers first experience with YMCA competitive swim program.   It is also for the swimmer looking to build their aerobic capacity and stroke knowledge to continue swimming as exercise for life.  Swimmers will learn further good stroke and practice habits in all four competitive strokes as well as starts and turns.  

Swim Squad

60 Minutes. This will focus on building the strength and endurance of the swimmer's stroke through drills, multiple laps, and on-deck coaching. Swim Squad will allow swimmers to get the feeling of being on a swim team without the competition and be able to further their skills to be fit swimmers now and in the future.

Private Swim Lessons (Ages 3+)

Private lessons are a great way to work on specific, participant-directed goals with devoted attention from an instructor. The SSYMCA offers one-to-one private lessons in thirty minute sessions for members and non-members ages 4 and up. Semi private lessons (two participants to one instructor) are also available.

Private Swim Lesson Information Form

Red Cross Certifications

A 30-hour nationally recognized certification program for those who wish to become lifeguards. Successful completion of this course provides Lifeguard, Community First Aid, & CPR for the Professional Rescuer Certifications.

CPR Initial and CPR Recertification
First Aid

Stryper Swim Team

The South Shore YMCA Stryper Swim Team is comprised of locally, regionally and nationally ranked competitors in YMCA and USA Swimming. Ages of team members range from 6 to 18.

The Strypers team is based on the belief that we can improve the quality of our athletes' lives by promoting healthy spirit, mind and body. Through quality training, technical know-how and positive input, we work to make the athlete not only a greatswimmer, but an outstanding individual. Our program is based out of the Mill Pond Branch, with practices offered at both the Quincy and Mill Pond Branches. We offer developmental and highly-competitive training to all surrounding communities in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Visit our Stryper Swim Team site for details about schedules, competition results, and more.

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