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Health & Well-being

The South Shore YMCA is committed to helping our Youth/Junior members establish lifelong health and fitness habits.  Our staff is happy to assist our Youth/Junior members in creating a safe and effective exercise program by utilizing equipment appropriate to their age and size.  All Youth/Junior members are required to take a minimum of one training session prior to utilizing the equipment.  Whether you are looking for a beginners workout for children ages 7 to 12 or for Bodybuilding (ages 14+), we have the appropriate workout programs and structure for your child.

The South Shore YMCA offers the Partnership Program to assist physically disabled youth and adults who are interested in a structured exercise program.  A master trainer will teach both the participant and the selected volunteer how to properly use the specialized strength training and cardiovascular equipment.    

Understanding the four components of fitness will enable you to develop an effective and efficient workout routine.  In simple terms, strength training builds muscle to increase your metabolism, cardiovascular exercise strengthens your heart and pulmonary system, flexibility training improves your range of motion and decreases risk of injury, and finally a healthier nutrition program works to create a healthier you.

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