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Please join the nearly 3000 Y members in helping our community during this crisis by donating.

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There are smiles under our masks as we continue to welcome back our South Shore YMCA members to the Emilson Y and Quincy Y branches. Returning members are excited to be back, and extremely thankful for the work we’ve done to meet and exceed stringent cleaning and safety regulations. Our Y is clean, ready, and excited to serve the community once again, with safety as our top priority.

We know you take pride in your Y membership and our mission. Belonging to a Y isn’t like belonging to a gym. The Y is a charitable, non-profit organization that strengthens our community. The generosity we see throughout each year from members and donors is inspiring, and these donations allow more seniors, families, children, teens and adults to be connected and belong to the South Shore YMCA community through financial assistance.

Without the support of donations from our donors, partners and members, we simply could not sustain our Y through these difficult times. We could not provide emergency COVID-19 relief, such as our food pantry, temporary shelter for at-risk adults experiencing homelessness, meal delivery to isolated seniors, and emergency childcare.

Now that we have reopened, we understand that some members simply aren’t ready to return to the Y just yet. We are thankful to those of you who have chosen to stay with us to sustain our operations and support your neighbors through Meaningful Membership.

Meaningful Membership means that you remain a proud part of the Y family and your membership dues — as a monthly donation to the causes you care about — continue to support your health, the health of others and the health of our  community.

  • Your health: Supporting the Y through donated membership dues means we can expand our virtual health and wellness programs, group exercise classes and other services to help maintain good health for you in spirit, mind and body — here at the Y or from your own home.
  • Health of others. For those who can’t afford Y membership or services, your Meaningful Membership and support helps remove the financial barrier, especially for children, seniors and the disabled. So many people in our community are now unemployed and struggling due to COVID-19. Being part of the Y through Meaningful Membership gives these neighbors to be healthy and fight off the isolation they might be feeling.
  • Health of the community: The Y fills the gaps and needs of the community in good times and bad. Whatever the needs are during this pandemic — whether feeding isolated seniors, sustaining our food pantry, creating emergency shelter when needed, or caring for children – we will pivot and adjust to help strengthen the community and keep it healthy.

Thank you!

On behalf of our staff and the community we serve, our sincerest thank you to the nearly 3000 members who are helping to sustain the Y and our services that strengthen our community and support our neighbors in need. You are helping our community become stronger and healthier each day, and staying healthy is more important now than ever before.

Becoming a Meaningful Member is easy!

To those members who wish to continue supporting the Y, but are not ready to return, simply click the button below to fill out a form and request to have your membership dues converted to monthly, tax-deductible Meaningful Membership donation.

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Reactivate Your Membership!

If you have been on hold, and you are ready to come back to the Y...WELCOME! The Y is clean, safe and ready for you to return to your health and fitness routine. Simply contact our Member Services Team at Emilson Y or Quincy Y and we will welcome you back! Contact Us

Meaningful Members

Thank you to these and other South Shore YMCA Members who have donated their membership fees to sustain the Y and our emergency relief programs during the pandemic and beyond. We cannot wait to have you back at the Y!

To see our full list of Meaningful Members and donors, and examples of how they have made a difference during these difficult times,  click on the story link below.

Tiz Polizio:

“I chose to support the Y during this pandemic because the YMCA is a great organization providing a much needed resource for so many, especially for those who cannot afford membership. While it may be difficult for members to return at this time, is important for me to support the Y now so that it can continue to be that resource for when members are able to return. Thank you for all you do!”


“I support the Y because I believe in the broad-based community support it provides.”

Tom Maguire:

“There are a lot of people hurting right now and my wife and I felt the Y would make better use of the money than we would.”

Frank Santangelo:

“Because I know it serves people who are worthy of assistance.”

Jan Whitney:

“The staff, volunteers, and other members of the South Shore YMCA have always impressed me with the respect they show for others. They are the embodiment of “Love Thy Neighbor” and I want to imitate them the best I can. Since I plan on social distancing until I can get vaccinated, I figure the membership money would be well spent to support the emergency shelters and day care centers, as well as the memberships of people who can use them. I’m glad to support the YMCA and look forward to returning as an active member in 2021.”

Margaret O’Brien:

“We have chosen to support the Y through Meaningful Membership because its wide range of services is keeping my community healthy – nutritionally, physically and emotionally. Through kindness, respect, and compassion the Y serves my community and provides leadership with its values. It walks the talk we need to move forward on a strong community-based solution to the challenges of our now and our future.”

Toni Green:

“The Quincy Y is so much more than a fabulous place to work out. It is a gathering place for the community. It is diverse (gender, age, race, ethnicity) and one experiences all of that upon walking through the doors. In addition, the Y serves the community. It helps to take care of those who need a little extra, child care, food, summer camps. The Y feeds the body and the soul. That is why giving to the Y is meaningful to me.”

Martha Maxwell-Clapp

“We decided to keep our membership because we believe in the Y. It provides wonderful opportunities for lots of people.”

Become a Meaningful Member

Not ready to come back to the Y in person? Convert your membership dues to a tax-deductible monthly donation. Thank you for staying with us through Meaningful Membership!