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When registering, parents will need to provide the following information: 

- parent/guardian contact info
- emergency contact/authorized pickup contact info
- allergies & medication and health information
- any additional information to help ensure the child has a successful camp experience

Board of Health Camp Policies and Procedures

If your child requires inclusion supports and/or is on an IEP, click here to learn about our intake process prior to registering your child for camp.

 **PLEASE NOTE: Online Registration for each week of camp will close on Thursday of the week prior. To register for the next upcoming week of camp after online registration has closed, please call 781-829-8585 ext. 8400 or email**


If you are new to our online registration system, please make sure you have reviewed our Getting Started Guide and Set Up an Online Account before you begin registering for programs.

Register online below beginning at 8:30am on February 12th. If you see a blank box below and our online program search system is not displaying, please click here.

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