International Women’s Day Celebration at the Y

Posted: Mar. 09, 2022 Germantown Neighborhood Center

The South Shore YMCA Germantown Neighborhood Center recently hosted a celebration for International Women’s Day with women in the community.

Participants painted portraits of women who possess qualities they greatly admire. They are women who have positively contributed to their communities and to society. The portraits included historical figures such as Michelle Obama and Mother Teresa, as well as grandmothers and other family members who persevered through difficulties to care for their families and work towards a better life.

Courtney shared that she went to the event because she feels she is guaranteed to learn something at the SSYMCA Germantown Neighborhood Center’s women’s programs.

“I like hearing about other people’s stories, especially those who come from cultures that are different from mine,” said Courtney. 

“We can’t assume things about other cultures.  Being part of a group allows us to share our stories.  We realize we are more alike no matter what our background.  It is important to learn that our struggles are similar.  We all need help!  Unification is more important now than ever. The Germantown community is a melting pot.  We each bring something to the table.  I felt that all of the women who spoke and shared their story added value to someone else’s life.”

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