Emilson Y basketball courts and fitness floor reopen June 15

Code of Conduct


The South Shore YMCA is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all members and guests. To promote safety and comfort for all, we ask individuals to act appropriately at all times when they are in our facility or participating in our programs. We expect persons using the YMCA to behave in a mature and responsible way and to respect the rights and dignity of others. Our Code of Conduct does not permit language or any action that can hurt or frighten another person, or that falls below a generally accepted standard of conduct.

Prohibited actions specifically include:

  • Inappropriate attire. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times.
  • Angry or vulgar language, including swearing, name-calling, or shouting.
  • Physical contact with another person in any angry, unwelcomed or threatening way.
  • Any demonstration of sexual activity or sexual contact with another person.
  • Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language or any menacing behavior.
  • Theft or behavior that results in the destruction of property.
  • Carrying or concealing any weapons or devices or objects that may be used as weapons.
  • Using or possessing illegal chemicals, substances, or alcohol on YMCA property, in YMCA vehicles, or YMCA sponsored programs.
  • Any other conduct of an inappropriate, threatening, or offensive nature.
  • Loitering is not permitted in or outside the YMCA.
  • Smoking, vaping or use of tobacco is not permitted in or outside the YMCA. The YMCA and its property are smoke-free environments.
  • Cell phone use, including texting, is prohibited in locker rooms, changing rooms and restrooms.
  • The use of audio, camera, and video recording devices is prohibited in all South Shore YMCA facilities. Those wishing to use audio, camera or video recording devices must receive written consent in advance from a YMCA Director.

Members and guests are encouraged to be responsible for their personal comfort and safety and to ask any person whose behavior threatens their comfort to refrain in a courteous and respectful manner. If a member or guest feels uncomfortable in speaking with the person directly, they should report the behavior to a staff person or the manager on duty. YMCA staff members are eager to be of assistance.

Members and guests should not hesitate to notify a staff member if assistance is needed. In order to be able to carry out these policies, we ask that members and guests identify themselves to staff when asked. The Branch Executive will investigate all reported incidents. Suspension or termination of YMCA membership privileges may result from a determination by the Branch Executive if in his/her discretion a violation of the YMCA Member Code of Conduct has occurred.


Massachusetts law G.L.c.151B prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin or gender identity in places of public accommodation.  Massachusetts law explicitly prevents places of public accommodation from discriminating against, harassing, or providing different or inferior service to an individual based on gender identity. It also protects the right of all people – including transgender people – to use sex-segregated facilities that are most consistent with their sincerely held gender identity. The law provides that all people, including transgender people, may use whichever sex-segregated facilities, including restrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms, are most consistent with their gender identity (rather than their assigned birth sex).


The YMCA prohibits employees, members, and all other individuals from carrying weapons, concealed or otherwise, onto the premises or in vehicles owned by the YMCA. Carrying a weapon onto South Shore YMCA property will result in the immediate removal of the person carrying the weapon. Pursuant to GLc266, s.120, the possession of a concealed carry license or firearms identification card issued by Massachusetts, or another governing body shall not authorize any person to carry firearms onto South Shore YMCA property, and violation of this policy constitutes trespass.


It is the policy of the South Shore YMCA to reserve the right to deny membership, program participation and/or visitation access to any individual convicted of a sexual/criminal offense, and that the YMCA will check its membership records against sexual/criminal history records made available.


Members and Program Participants agree that the South Shore YMCA may use photographs and videos of them for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to publicity, illustration, security, advertising, social media, and web content.


All South Shore YMCA members and program participants acknowledge the conditions as stated above, for themselves and on behalf of any minors in their care, and release the South Shore YMCA, its agents, servants, and employees from all ordinary negligence, including all claims for injury, illness, death, loss, or damage which may result from participation as a member or program participant.