Day of Giving

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The South Shore Y is proud to join YMCAs around the globe for an annual YMCA DAY OF GIVING,  a day that highlights the work we do to strengthen the community together…thanks to your generosity.

100% of all donations received on our 2023 YMCA DAY OF GIVING as part of our Y Annual Campaign are returned to the community in the form of membership financial assistance, camperships, program funding for adults, seniors, children and families, community outreach and services such as our Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry and farms.

Please give online or stop by your local SSYMCA branch during this year’s YMCA Day of Giving to show your support. Together we can continue to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people across the South Shore.


Ways to Give


The simplest way to give is to donate online today!

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Stop in at any of our South Shore YMCA locations: Emilson Y, Quincy Y, SSYMCA Early Learning Center in Hanover, State Street Early Learning Center in Quincy, South Shore YMCA Natural Science Center in Norwell, Camp Burgess & Hayward Overnight Camps in Sandwich, SSYMCA Gymnastics Training Center in Hanover or the SSYMCA Germantown Neighborhood Center in Quincy.

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Download our Day of Giving Pledge Card, complete the form and mail it along with your check to South Shore YMCA, ATTN: Mary Orne, 79 Coddington Street, Quincy, MA 02169

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Send a Kid to Camp on #YMCADayOfGiving

Now, more than ever, kids need the connection, friendships, and life-changing learning experience of YMCA camp. Requests for YMCA camp scholarships have increased significantly due to COVID-19, and as YMCA DAY OF GIVING approaches, we ask that you donate to the South Shore YMCA to give more children the gift of YMCA camp.


YMCA Camper Testimonials

Courtney, South Shore YMCA Camper

“Of the 5,721 days I have been alive, I have spent 79 days at camp; a mere 1.4% percent of my life. However, if it wasn’t for that small fraction I spent at camp, the rest of my life would be completely different because I wouldn’t be the person I am today.  Camp has given me my indomitable spirit.”

Kim, YMCA Camp Parent

“I had to let you know the impact camp has had on my daughter. She has spent the last two years of middle school being picked on and I truly believe that if she hadn’t attended camp she wouldn’t have gotten through it. Camp has saved her self-esteem and allowed her to enter a world where she knew she wouldn’t be judged or bullied by anyone.”

Karen, YMCA Camper & Staff

“Camp taught me about having my own voice, to believe in myself to do whatever I set my mind to. Even today when someone remarks on my independent nature, my confidence, my comfort with spending time on my own – I recognize that this all started long ago at Camp.”

Bailey, South Shore YMCA Camper

“Grit is the courage to go out into the world, to live rather than exist. It’s getting up at six in the morning to scream your heart out with people you’ve just met, and yet you feel like you’ve known your entire life. It’s the ecstasy of sailing off of a platform high in the air and the not-so-long trek into the woods for a night under the clear summer sky. Grit is throwing yourself into new situations, trying new things, and finding new ways to love life. Grit is passion. Grit is courage. Grit is born at Camp.”

Why Donate to the YMCA

Legendary sportscaster Bob Lobel encourages everyone to support the South Shore YMCA on YMCA DAY OF GIVING.

South Shore YMCA Member Testimonials


“It’s not a gym, its where a community comes together. From the time I walk through the doors, everyone from the staff at the desk to the Activity Center and Field House is fantastic! Before I came here, I was in a bad place for a couple of years, never moving from the couch once I came home from work. Having the Quincy YMCA has given my daughter and I a place where we can bond more as a father and daughter. I will always be grateful that I have had this opportunity that has made a huge change in my life.”


“The Partnership Program at the SSYMCA Quincy and Emilson branches has helped me immensely. Through my 3-years in the program thus far I have continued to gain my strength, mobility and independence. The teams at both locations are dedicated, caring a motivated to help me get better. It’s so important to be social and focused on my health. The Partnership Program has helped me get back on my feet in so many ways. They give me hope and progress each time I come in.”


“I first came to the South Shore Y with a walker and a goal to focus on my recovery. I had a bad accident that damaged my back and the nerves to my leg. The Partnership Team here was able to help me transfer my rehabilitation exercises to the machines and other equipment here at the Y. The Partnership Team is always willing to help out and is determined to help me get to my goal of walking without the concern of falling. I’ve regained much of my mobility and have the team here to thank for taking the time to work with me. They helped me so much that I look forward to returning the favor and begin volunteering in the program as a way to give back to a community that helped me so much.”


How Your Donation Helps

Here are just a few of the ways your donation to the South Shore YMCA helps support our community:

  • Food Pantry: The need for healthy food served at our South Shore YMCA Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry has quadrupled during the COVID-19 pandemic, with so many seniors in isolation and neighbors out of work and unable to feed their families.
  • Water Safety & Swim Lessons: Drowning is a leading cause of childhood deaths, especially in coastal communities. Our Y is committed to providing water safety instructions to all, thanks to donations from our community.
  • Send a Child to Camp: Now, more than ever, kids need the connection, friendships, and life-changing learning experience of YMCA camp. Our day camp and resident camps ensure that thousands of children are engaged, outdoors, and cared for during the summer months.
  • Adaptive & Inclusive Programming:  The Y is committed to creating an environment where everyone can belong and become their better selves. Support from the community helps extend adaptive fitness, sports, support, and recreational programming for adults and children with physical disabilities, and inclusive programming for individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • Medical Wellness: Our Medical Wellness programs help individuals with certain medical conditions to manage and even overcome the obstacles that stand in their way of becoming healthier through exercise programs, support, and education.

Give to the Y on YMCA DAY OF GIVING

Support the South Shore YMCA on DAY OF GIVING and help extend the Y to those who need it most.