The family pool at the Emilson Y (Hanover) will be closed on Thursday, July 11.


Exercising in the water is a total body workout, combining cardio and strength training with less impact on your joints. The resistance of water helps strengthen and tone muscles, all within a fun workout environment. A wide variety of classes and swim times are available each week — free to SSYMCA members!

Active Older Adults Aqua Flex

Warm water exercise program for Active Older Adults. Perform gentle exercises to strengthen muscles and joints using water resistance and stretching. Work on balance, coordination, range of motion and basic cardio exercises. Relieve pain and stiffness from athritis and other related conditions.

Aqua Core

Total body and core conditioning in shallow and deep water using water resistant equipment. Work on muscle strength and endurance, stabilization, stretching and flexibility. Burn belly fat, build stamina and improve coordination. Flotation belts available.

Aqua Fit

Deep and shallow water class that focuses on stretching, toning, muscle strengthening and cardiovascular exercises using water resistance and equipment.

Aqua Flex

Warm water class in deep and shallow water. Uses water resistance and equipment for stretching, strengthening, toning, and cardio exercises.

Aqua Zumba

Experience the benefits of both Zumba and water exercise in this fun, energetic class!

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