Thank you for Staying with Us

Thank You For Staying With Us

Your donations support critical services during the COVID-19 crisis

It’s hard to imagine more difficult circumstances for operating our Y during this time. We are a community organization. We bring people together – from all backgrounds and circumstances – and create personal connections that change lives through membership and programs. We are committed to working safely and confidently as we move through and emerge from this health crisis together. View our Donor Newsletter to see your impact in action.


Watch video of all the ways our members and community have stepped up to support our COVID-19 relief efforts

Here is how the y is serving the community in this crisis thanks to your support

Dan Quirk of Quirk Automotive Donates Cargo Van for Food Delivery

When the Y lost our 14-year-old van that was used to pick up food for our food pantry from the Greater Boston Food Bank and elsewhere, Dan Quirk of Quirk Automotive came to the rescue, providing a new, larger cargo van to help us keep up with the increased food demand during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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Sarah Dasco South Shore YMCA Germantown Fundraise Page

Sarah Dasco Raises $15k+ for Germantown through

Sarah Dasco, longtime friend, supporter and advocate for the Germantown Neighborhood Center families started a page and successfully raised over $15,000 to support kids in Germantown during the COVID-19 crisis.

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South Shore Y Staff

Emergency Staff Fund for Y Employees

Seeded by a generous donor, our Y was able to establish an Emergency Staff Fund to provide financial assistance for the most impacted of the 1,100 furloughed South Shore YMCA staff. Furloughing staff has been the hardest part for all of us, and we are doing all that we can for our caring and committed staff.

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Donated Laptops Help Emergency Childcare Kids Learn Remotely

Sage Sustainable Electronics donated laptop computers to our Emergency Childcare Centers allowing kids of first responders, medical workers and essential employees to do schoolwork and stay connected while in our care. “The Y is doing such important work by helping out essential workers and children in need during this global crisis. [Sage] is very excited to support that cause." - Lila Appaya, Sage

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Girl Scout Cookies Heather Ward

Girl Scout Troop #62291 Sells Cookies to Donate to Food Pantry

Heather Ward, her daughter, Coco and their Derby Academy 3rd grade Girl Scout Troop #62291 from Hingham, MA asked people to purchase Girl Scout cookies to donate to families at our Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry.

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Delivering Meals to Isolated Seniors

Each week, we raise funds to hire local struggling restaurants to prepare nutritious meals that our Y team delivers to area senior housing. These meals are prepared by local restaurants and paid for by your donations, so our community donors are helping our neighbors and our area restaurants with your generosity.

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Supporting Restaurants Through Community Support Challenge

For five weeks the South Shore Y raised money to support local restaurants whose businesses are suffering during the COVID-19 crisis by hiring them to provide hot meals, and a bit of hope and joy to those who rely on our Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry, Emergency Childcare Centers and Quincy YMCA Emergency Homeless Shelter. These restaurants support us and the community all year long, and thanks to our donors, we were able to help them in this crisis.

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Mother's Day Meals Delivered to Deserving Moms

The McDonough Family generously donated meals prepared by Julie and Mark Ellis of The Chef's Table for deserving moms in the Germantown neighborhood of Quincy. Thanks to our volunteers for delivering meals, sweets and flowers to moms in the area and brightening their holiday.

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Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry

Our food pantry and mobile food pantry are serving the community on Wednesdays and Fridays, and the demand has never been higher. We are seeing nearly four times the demand for food services, as so many of our neighbors are out of work due to the virus closures.

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Front Steps Project - Liz Mollica

Photographer Liz Mollica donated $1,330 to the South Shore YMCA, as her charity of choice for the week as part of the Front Steps Project. “I was chatting with my dad, who volunteers regularly at the Y’s Germantown Neighborhood Center in Quincy. He mentioned the food bank, and right then and there I was sold.” Thanks, Liz!

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Tufts Bags

Tufts and Bank of Canton Donate Bags to Food Pantry

Bank of Canton recently donated $2,000 and 100 reusable bags to the South Shore YMCA’s Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry in response to the community’s growing need for food and basic necessities. Tufts Health Plan supplied 2000 bags to the food pantry, which is a life-saver.

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Keeping the YMCA strong

Please join the following supporters in helping our community during this crisis.

Donate Your Membership Make a Donation

We greatly appreciate those who have donated to support the YMCA to provide essential services and enable us to stay strong and ready to serve you and our communities, such as food pantry services, emergency homeless shelter and emergency childcare support. Members have chosen to continue to draft their dues as a donation. Companies have donated food and items.  Businesses, Foundations and Friends have made much needed financial donations.

Thank you to these individuals and businesses
(as of July 16, 2020)

2 Thumbs Up Hand Therapy, LLC
A Friend
A Helping Neighbor
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Hoang
Abby Bailey
Abby Morrison
Abhallah Nassif
Abigail Leff
Acella Construction
Ada Sansoucy Lyons
Adam Connell and Irina Ruvinskaya
Addie Mahan
Adorna Kelly
Adriana Veliz
Agbenowosi and Deborah Ala
Agnes Mensah
Agnes Sill
Ahleum Morris
Ahmed Goutay
Aidan Roach
Aifeng Zheng and Ming Long Wu
Aileen Mccarthy
Al Rand
Alan Geller
Alan Morrison
Alan Ritsko
Alan Weinberg
Alba Cid and Jan Tittle
Albertsons Companies Foundations
Alex and Davis Clark
Alex and Kristen Tikonoff
Alex and Renee Khan
Alex Dubois
Alex Hardej
Alex Rosenberg
Alex Wolfe
Alexa Lee
Alexander and Katherine Crossett
Alexander Foresman
Alexander Kesaris
Alexandra McInnes
Alexis and Avery Sladen
Alexis Kuchins and Ian Ford
Alfred Cox
Alfred Nigro
Ali Beyranevand
Alice Lawless
Aliona Borunov
Alison and Jim Fitzpatrick
Alison Winslow
Allan Tucker
Allen Sulc
Alliance for Strong Families and Communities
Alliance Of Massachusetts YMCA’s
Allison Barr
Allison Drushella
Allison Garrant
Allison Ruel
Allyson Gartley
Althea Dickman
Alvaro Var
Alvin and Megan Delgado
Alvin Hollis & Co., Inc.
Aly Pinder
Alyssa Dulski
Alyssa Novak and Chris Mercer
Amanda and Mike Banish
Amanda Brait
Amanda Harless
Amanda Moosick
Amanda Quinn
Amanda Schell
Amanda Zompetti and Derrick Miller
Amaryllis Gu
AmazonSmile Foundation
Amber and William Ahearn
Amber Tran
American Heart Association Product: Grant
Amish and Hetal Desai
Amol Deodhar
Amy and Matthew Welnicki
Amy Camargo
Amy Carreira
Amy Clemens
Amy Crean
Amy Entler
Amy Keddy
Amy Maguire
Amy Prostran
Amy Zydanowicz
Ana and Darren North
Anand and Megan Sekhar
Anand Merchant
Andre Barbic
Andrea Burke
Andrea Elliot
Andrea Hayes
Andrea Skane
Andreq Morgan
Andres Lessing
Andrew & Jaime Sullivan Family Foundation
Andrew and Amy Bennett
Andrew and Bridgette Hanna
Andrew and Christine Shapiro
Andrew and Emily Manewal
Andrew and Mary Semjen
Andrew and Petra Sansom
Andrew Barbas
Andrew Corley
Andrew Mello
Andrew Reardon
Andrieta Pritchett
Andy and Marilyn Salerno
Angel and Scott Baker
Angela Barnard
Angela Bergin
Angela Blake
Angela McPhee
Angela Silva
Angela Weber
Angelo Petrilli
Angie Hilsabeck
Anh Dao
Anide Fabien
Anita Miller
Ann and Del Berrada
Ann Donovan
Ann Ha and James Walter
Ann Leary
Ann Marie and Bob Bizak
Ann Marie McNally
Ann McCarthy Egan
Ann Ryan
Ann Thompson
Ann Venuti
Anna and Josh Sigsworth
Anna Baglieri
Anna Baker
Anna Calnan
Anna Dolmatch
Anna Mahoney
Anna Williams
Anna Wilson
Annalee Collins
Anne and William McDonald
Anne Conlon
Anne Fitzgerald
Anne Hogan
Anne Lamontagne
Anne Lavoie
Anne Marchetta
Anne Nelson
Anne Nicholas
Anne Orourke
Anne Powers
Anne Schroeder
Anne Sullivan
Anne Turley
Anne, Evin and John Foley
Annette and Bob Peele
Annette Penella
Annie Powell
Annie Robinson
Annie Vraibel
Annika Johnson
Ansley Stewart
Anthony Angus
Anthony Black
Anthony Calitri
Anthony Dragone and Joann Kenney
Anthony Gemma
Anthony Petrillo
Anthony Rose
Anthony Ryan
Anurag Shinde
Araceli Vlenzuela
Arbella Insurance Foundation
Ariela Polanco
Arma Zalman Abdul Rahman and Zaima Azfa Tajudin
Arthur Ambrose
Arthur Doyle
Arthur McRae
Ashley Boutin
Ashley Garelick
Atef and Zouhaira Rhouma
Atlantic Middle School
Atlas Wolfe
Attorney Caroline M. Mackenzie, Arlanson, Russo & Mackenzie
Attorney Michael Long
Atty Colleen Brierley
Audra Makuch and Cameron Bateman
Audrey Stephenson
Aurelio and Ghina Sahagun
Aurora Danes
Autism Speaks, Inc.
Ava Morrison
Bai Ma
Baker Family
Baker, Braverman & Barbadoro P.C.
Ban Tri Tran
Bank of Canton
Barbara and Peter Coakley
Barbara and Tom Leahy
Barbara Connors
Barbara Dow
Barbara Foy
Barbara Froio
Barbara Humberd
Barbara Long
Barbara McAlvin
Barbara McCabe
Barbara McMullan
Barbara McNulty
Barbara Pellegrini
Barbara Quinn
Barbara Radell
Bay Copy
Because, Marcia Schepici
Becky Regan
Bei Zhou
Ben and Nicole Cabot
Ben Chen
Benjamin Houston and Jessica Baumgart
Benjamin Mafera
Benjamin Petrillo
Benjamin Sommer
Bernard and Anne Lorge
Bernard Flaherty
Bernie Husser
Bertty and Michelle Martinez
Beth and Christian Donovan
Beth Heller
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
Beth McNally and Family
Beth Monaco
Betsy Disharoon
Betsy Keefe
Betsy Lusa
Betsy Mello
Bette Sentovich
Beverly Anderson
Beverly Ouannass
Big Y
Bill and Jill Whelan
Bill and Mary Ellen Coffey
Bill and Sue Johnson
Bill Litwin
Bill Mccormick
Bill Plante
Bill Pond
Bill Stanton and Lisa Stanton-Lenon
Bin Zheng
Binbin Chen
Birgit Sohn
BNI Prime Professionals
Bo Foundation
Bob and Peg Norris
Bob Halloran
Bob Lawson
Bobbi Davis
Bond Printing & Marketing
Bonnie and David Simmons
Bonnie Delay
Bonnie Reiner
Boris and Dora Leung
Bostonian Cleaning & Restoration, Inc.
Bouthayna Mouline
Braintree Firefighters Association
Branch and Elizabeth Lane
Brandi and Brad Chambers
Brandon and Chloe Nguyen
Brandon Lui
Breanna Mortimer
Brenda and Robert Begin
Brenda Mahoney
Brenda Regan
Brendan and Sarah Murphy
Brendan Burke-Hartman
Brett Loop
Brett Minogue
Brewster Ambulance
Brian A. McEachen
Brian and Eileen Clifford
Brian and Jeanine Hopkins
Brian and Lauren Steverman
Brian and Suzanne Armstrong
Brian Doherty
Brian Elsden
Brian Gorman
Brian Graham
Brian Greene
Brian Hennebury
Brian Hynes
Brian Kilduff
Brian McGinn and John Connaughton
Brian O’Halloran
Brian Sears
Brian Tedeschi
Brian Walsh
Bridget and Jonathan Hron
Bridget Nee
Bridgette Njoroge
Britt Anderson
Britte Beaudette-Zlatanova and Teodor Zlatanova
Brittney Grattan
Brooke Bartletta
Brooke Hasson
Brookwood Farms
Bruce Goode and Avital Rodal
Bruce Landers
Bruce McWhorter
Bruce Netherwood
Bryan and Deb Horner
Bryan and Sarah Zimolka
Bryan May
Bryan Stoker
Burgin Platner and Company
Burgin Platner Employee Drive
Byrne Family
Caitlin A. Thompson
Caitlin Bearce
Caitlyn Fitzsimmons
Caleb Francois
Caleigh Coogan
Calvin Wong
Camden Maddigan
Cameron and Erin Taylor
Cameron Chamberlin
Camilla Cook
Candice Keung
Candy Li
Cara Davis
Cara Hills
Carla Vale
Carleen Haylett
Carlos and Brooke Rodriguez
Carlos Guzman
Carol Altshuler
Carol and Gerry Elliott
Carol and Roger Lewenberg
Carol Bruce
Carol Coppins
Carol D’Arcy
Carol Devoy
Carol Donovan
Carol Negus
Carol Ruggiero
Carol Segal
Carol Tarpey
Carol Thorp
Carol Walter
Carol Whalen
Carole Maynard
Carole McCorry
Carole McNamara
Caroline and Rodney Hine
Caroline Kalen
Caroline Oriordan
Caroline Reardon
Caroline Stewart and John Arunga
Carolyn and Jason Soules
Carolyn Godfrey
Carolyn Jepsen
Carolyn Loughlin
Carolyn Mahoney
Carolyn Mayen
Carolyn Mullaney
Carolyn Shea
Carolyn Zigmund
Carroll and Mark Drinkwater
Caruso Landscape Design
Casey Chamberlain
Cassandra O’Brien
Catherine Bevans
Catherine Coakley
Catherine Devlin
Catherine Folan
Catherine Hayes
Catherine Jensen
Catherine Jones and Robert Staples
Catherine Kang
Catherine Keefe
Catherine Wilson
Cathie McGowan
Cathleen and Ralph Delorie
Cathleen Laliberte
Cathleen Riley
Catia Confortini
Cecilia Doherty
Cedar Tree Foundation
Cesarina Wheeler
CHA Consulting Inc.
Chad and Ellen Beyerle
Charlene Dearden
Charlene Saunders
Charles and Elizabeth Whipple
Charles and Kathleen Webb
Charles Dunlap
Charles Hughes
Charles Hurd
Charles Kardok
Charles Ryder
Charlotte Cuneo
Charlotte Guglielmi
Charlotte Heavyside
Charter Contracting Company
Che Fai Liang
Cherie Myatt
Cheryl and Taylor Babineau
Cheryl DiNatale
Cheryl Lynn
Cheryl Sullivan
Chet and Susan Stone
Chi Keung
Chiaen Lien and Liting Kao
Chip Weier
Chloe Morse-Harding
Chong Wai Chio
Chris and Alyson Anderson
Chris and Ashley Kiefer
Chris and Cara Slattery
Chris and Cathi Geeslin
Chris and Jill Powers
Chris and Kelly French
Chris and Kristen Chapron
Chris and Linda Meyers
Chris and Liz Lee
Chris and Lynne Shugrue
Chris and Megan Mulcahy
Chris and Paula Dunphy
Chris and Samantha Kerger
Chris Berdik and Meaghan Hooper-Berdik
Chris Bodnar and Suzanne Stefany
Chris Crossen-Sills
Chris Dolan
Chris Giorgi
Chris Jacobs
Chris Lewis
Chris Mulcahy
Christian Aguilar
Christian Banker
Christiana Kim
Christina Abboud
Christina Deary
Christina Godfrey
Christina Newell
Christine Agnew
Christine Booth
Christine Collins
Christine DeLeo
Christine Galvin
Christine Higgins
Christine Hunt
Christine Loud
Christine Powers
Christine Smith
Christopher and Jennifer Lebo
Christopher and Kathleen Higgins
Christopher and Lisa Myers
Christopher and Sara McCann
Christopher and Stephanie Jones
Christopher Barrett
Christopher Flynn
Christopher Hebert
Christopher Johnson
Christopher MacFarlane
Christopher McGowan
Christy and Gianni Taraschi
Chuck Pollard
Chunlan Li
Ciara Gogan
Ciara O’Connell
Cilisa Menzinger
Cindy Kearney
City of Quincy
CJ Keys Front Porch Project
Clair Wankum
Claire and Jim Merrigan
Claire and Joseph Murphy
Claire and Tom MacAdam
Claire Mamary
Claire Wang
Clare and Thomas Meagher
Clare Crowell
Clare Guerin
Clark-Ruiz Family
Clem Grassia
Clement Fourny
Cleveland Olivera
Clinton and Jill Walker
Cloe Flanagan
Clyde Cortright
Coleen Sheridan
Coleman and Eileen Keane
Colin Jenkins
Colleen and Edward Labelle
Colleen and Mark Regal
Colleen and Paul D’Andrea
Colleen Doyle
Colleen Joyce
Colleen Maimaron
Conevery Valencius
Connie Donovan
Connor Goetz
Connor Willis
Conor Gearin
Convenient MD Urgent Care
Copeland Family Foundation, Inc.
Cora Leonardi
Core Health & Fitness
Corinne Falotico
Cornelia Baigorria
Courtney Chase
Courtney Keohan
Craig Carlino
Cristian Palla Calvo and Macho Martin Ferrandiz
Cristiana Amara
Cristina Jauregui and Michael Cicerone
Cutter Haley
Cyndy and Mike Cotter
Cynthia and John Quealy
Cynthia Brandi
Cynthia Bruengger
Cynthia Chace
Cynthia Curney
Cynthia Meloski
Cynthia O’Meara
Cynthia Sierra
Damien and Brandi Turini
Dan Ahern
Dan and Joan Lowr
Dan and Patty DeMarco
Dan Kelley
Dan Walsh
Danei Sem
Daniel and Dawn Brennan
Daniel and Barbara Shea
Daniel and Jane Lee
Daniel Berry
Daniel Fagan
Daniel Fish
Daniel Higgins
Daniel Mattes
Daniel Murphy
Daniel Myers and Jessica Davis-Myers
Daniel Palmer
Daniel Russell
Daniel T. Craven
Daniel Vaughan
Daniel Willbach
Daniel Witsil and Emily Hyde
Daniele Clark
Danielle Bello
Danielle Davis
Danielle Messina
Danielle Pillion
Danny Chan
Danuta Savage
Daryl and Sarah Slater
Dave and Penny Gardiner
Dave Riley
Dave Salo
David Smith
David Adams
David and Gillian Cable-Murphy
David and Jenna Ellis
David and Joanne Powers
David and Kristen Harnisch
David and Kristin Sturgeon
David and Marlene Sommers
David and Melissa Allen
David and Suzanne Romeo
David and Whitney Craven
David Barcomb
David Broderick
David Brophy
David Burg
David Campbell and Corissa Morales
David Cunningham
David DeGhetto
David Ennis
David Goodsell
David Hoyle
David Keefe
David Leiman
David Lopatosky
David Mcvane
David Mitchell
David Moxie
David Murray
David Owen
David Page
David Rozewski
David Wieselmann
Dawn and Edward D’Alelio
Dawn Culbertson
Dawn Howard
Dawn Querns
Dawn Warner
Dawna and Christopher Barrett
Deana Becker and Paul Verghese
Deana Kennedy-McMorrow
Deanna Troila
Deb Cate-Brown
Deb Warren
Debbie Russell
Debbie Whalen
Debi Lashar
Debora Coelho
Deborah Burns
Deborah Cormier
Deborah Hoyle
Deborah Johnson
Deborah Lindstedt
Deborah Picot
Deborah Reardon
Deborah Soderstrom
Deborah Stettler
Debra and Andrew Carlino
Debra Damon
Debra Fitts
Deirdre Anderson
Deirdre Durkin
Deirdre Fitzgerald Fabbro
Delia Buhl
Delia Delongchamp
Demi Isenstadt
Dena Davis
Denise and Michael Miller
Denise Daudelin
Denise Erwin
Denise Fox-Barber
Denise King
Denise Tran
Dennis and Theresa Harrison
Dennis Coughlin
Dennis Gauthier
Dennis Hutchison
Dennis Stapleton
Derby Academy 3rd Grade Girl Scouts
Derek and Maureen Adams
Derek and Stephanie Butler
Derek Purcell
Devin Sullivan
Dharia Family
Diana and Roger Grenier
Diana Kenneally
Diana Madden
Diane Armstrong
Diane Burton
Diane Dragoff
Diane Grillone
Diane Macleod
Diane Sawin
Diane Stewart
Diane Vey
Dianne Gagne
Dianne Wells
Dinah Collins
Dominick Kistler
Don Callahan
Don Murphy
Donald and Jane Beaudette
Donald and Lisa Dumont
Donald Cedrone
Donald DeHart
Donald Lang
Donald Smith
Donald Swanbeck
Donna and Jerry Cameron
Donna Antonuccio
Donna Casey
Donna Cassidy
Donna Condon
Donna Dallessandro
Donna Donaghey
Donna Friedman
Donna Howard
Donna Hudson
Donna Morrison
Donna Oliver-Perry and Vincent Perry
Donna Schiller
Donna Svedeman
Donna Tansey
Donna Zaccheo
Dorothie Thompson
Dorothy Burke and Family
Dorothy Dwyer
Dorothy Hendry
Dorothy Lynch
Dorothy MacFarlane
Dorothy Williams
Doug and Cheryl Comman
Doug and Donna Logan
Doug Briggs and Claudia Sorgi
Douglas and Baoyuan Tommet
Douglas and Kristin Tierney
Douglas Fritts
Douglas Gray
Douglas Lange
Douglas McDonald
Douglas Pilgrim
Dr. Colleen Farrell
Drew Myers
Dustin Dingenthal
Dwight Shepard
Dylan McGlinchey
E. Brickley Stenberg
E. Thomas Johnson
Eastern Bank
Ed and Barbara O’Connor
Ed Silva
Eddie Steele
Edith and Alan Weinberg
Edmund and Sarah Burke
Edmund Grogan
Edna Ferrino
Edward and Leanne Moore
Edward and Michelle Cooley
Edward and Monica Neibert
Edward and Paula Timlin
Edward and Ruth Kwasnik
Edward Berman
Edward Coakley
Edward Houten
Edward Kleimola
Edward Marinucci III
Edwared and Frances Mcgillicuddy
Edwin Martin
Edwina Leen
Effie Lee
Eileen Baker
Eileen Cardoso
Eileen Cedrone
Eileen Donaldson
Eileen Gay
Eileen Healy
Eileen Mark
Eileen Mazzulli
Eileen McInnis
Eileen O’Neil
Eileen Whooley
Elaine Brady
Elaine Powers
Elaine Provenzano
ELC North Quincy – Clarke Lattimore’s Classroom
Eleanor Donovan
Eleanor MacDonald
Eliot Campbell
Elisabeth Coogan
Elizabeth and Adam Conrad
Elizabeth and Clayton Handleman
Elizabeth Burnham
Elizabeth Bythrow
Elizabeth Currier
Elizabeth Doherty
Elizabeth Donovan
Elizabeth Duffy
Elizabeth Fideli
Elizabeth Fox
Elizabeth Frattasio
Elizabeth Gribaudo
Elizabeth Kimball
Elizabeth Lathers
Elizabeth MacFarlane
Elizabeth Manning
Elizabeth McConnell
Elizabeth Menard
Elizabeth Mollica – Front Steps Project
Elizabeth O’Brien
Elizabeth O’Connor
Elizabeth Pifer
Elizabeth Regan and Lisa Howe
Elizabeth Rieder
Ella Chan
Ellen B. Harrington
Ellen Conti
Ellen Delaney
Ellen Gans
Ellen Gillis
Ellen Gunning
Ellen Helfrich
Ellen Kavanagh
Ellen Ridge
Ellie Niland
Elsa Curtis
Emeline Donovan
Emily and Sean Smith
Emily Campbell
Emily Hickey
Emily Houldcroft
Emily Kamb
Emily Strong
Emmett Glen
Enterprise Helping Hands Foundation
Envision Bank
Eric and Mimi Russo
Eric and Tricia Connerly
Eric Hall
Eric Poreda/CHA
Eric Shuel
Eric Vining
Eric Werblow
Erica Feldman and Brian Magner
Erik Connolly
Erika Fairweather
Erika Flanagan
Erika Reekie
Erin (Alix) Ross
Erin and Josh Ney
Erin Candy
Erin Hellmuth
Erin Miner and Michael Valitsky
Erin Walters
Erin Warnke and Matthew Slattery
Erin, Jack and Kieran Collins
Erin, Ken, Brody and Ainsley Fischer
Erion Sollomoni
Ernest Johnson
Esther Coke
Ethan and Caitlin Warren
Ethel Schow
Eugenia Papajiannis
Eunice Charles
Eunice Condrick
Eva Haber
Eva Maxion
Eva Stanton
Evandro Lopes
Eyes On Owls
F. William Lickfield
Fabian Romero
Faith Thibodeau
Fatima Oliveira
Fay Lee
Fay Strigler
Felicia Montineri
Fernando Lopez
Finn and Susan McKenna
Forrest and Deborah Conrad
Fran Walsh
Frances MacDonald
Frances Murphy
Frances Westhaver
Francis Stacey
Frank Castagnozzi
Frank Iossa
Frank Manzella
Frank Nielsen
Frank Santangelo
Frank Ward
Fred and Ruth Roach
Fred Mendes
Freddy Mei
Frederick and Carolyn Maguire
Frederick Buffum
Fresh Market Store 113
Fruit Center Marketplace
Gabrielle Mahoney
Gail Ader
Gail Clark
Gail Clougherty
Gail Colton
Gail Fowle
Gail Mahoney
Gail Otis
Gail Wilson
Gale Lafavre
Galimah Baysah
Garden Club Of Hingham
Garth and Erin Gorrall
Gary Carlson
Gary Durante
Gary Kimball
Gary Lawrence
Gary Sant and Janelle Phillips
Gary Walker and Belkis Roman
Gaurav Malhotra
Gavin Blake
Gavin Maloney
Gayle Marrow
Gemma Wenstrom
Gene and Frances O’Neill
Geoff and Kay Gordon
George and Ghada Kareh
George and Tanis Howe
George Burke
George Fopiano
George Johnson
George Lazaris
George Murphy
George O’Connor
George Sliney
George Tull
Gerald Berard
Gerald Savi
Geraldine Marcel
Geri Bargar
Gerry Hanley
Gerry Owens
Gigi Prete
Gil Snyder
Giro DeRosa
Glen and Kerry Ni
Glen Sherriff
Glenn Caterer
Glenn Keith
Glenn Oxton
Global Integrated Technologies, Inc.
Global Vision Advisors
Gloria Murray
Gloria Spence
Gordon and Kristy Brown
Grace Abboud
Grace Ayass
Grace Fernsler
Grady Connor
Granite Lock
Greater Boston Food Bank
Greg and Stephanie Fortuna
Greg and Danielle Volpe
Greg and Katherine O’Hare
Greg and Lorri Warren
Greg and Rori Bonzagni
Gregory Laban and Karen Stewart
Gregory Luebke
Gretchen O’Hare
Gustavo and Carolyn Mayen
Gustavo Salazar
Guy & Sue Daniello and the team at Peloton Consulting Group
Guy Duplessis
Guyorguy Laguerre
Gym Source
Halima Oumzai
Hanley Callahan
Hannah Bornstein
Hannah Kirby
Hannah Wyllie
Haotian Zhao
HarborOne Bank
Harold and Jennifer Gerbis
Harold Brooks Foundation

Harolyn Bowden
Harriet Hutchinson
Harriet Loring
Harrison O’Brien
Harry Brown
Hayden Salazar
Heather Barnet
Heather Belanger
Heather Gillam
Heather Heimarck and Jose Rivera
Heather Patch
Heather Quigley
Helen Burgess
Helen Fatseas
Helen Irwin
Helen Mahon
Helen Mao
Helen Murphy
Helen Shalit
Helen Solomon
Helen Warshauer
Helene and Gary Kimball
Helina Moylan
Henry Robinson
Henry Wiechert
Herb and Paulie Emilson
Herbert Robbins
Heritage Pest Control
Hernan and Sharon Yepez
Hicham El-Imadi
Hilary Lambert
Hilda Key
Hint Water
Hok Wai Lau
Holly and David Fahy
Honey Dew Family Foundation, Inc.
Hope Dickinson
Hub Refrigeration
Hylton and Judy Southey
Ian and Mary Franke
Ian Asaff
Ian Levesque
In Memory of Dad
In Memory of Mr. Edward Mondor of Canton, MA
Indhie Georges
Indiara Morel
Ines Maturana Sendoya
Integrated Builders, Inc.
Irene Jiang
Irene Macaskill
Irene Smith
Isak Groskind
Ivan Frantz and Barbara Shepard
Ivana George
Iwona Cholewa
Izhar Kazmi
J Samual Mamary
Richard Hartigan
Jack and Kathie McDonough
Jack Wheeler
Jackson Galloway
Jackson Muther
Jackson Williams
Jacob and Monica Jacobson Tennessen
Jacob Dyrenforth and Eva Respini
Jacquelynne Bell-Smith
Jada Maxwell
Jade Nguyen
Jaime Pina
Jake Horwitz
Jakub Warszawski
James and Bethany Daily
James and Catherine McLoughney
James and Danielle Schrage
James and Deborah Tinlin
James and Diana Byrne
James and Donna Tansey
James and Heather Stratford
James and Helen Murphy
James and Kimberly Behmke
James and Marsha Watson
James and Maureen Cullity
James and Robyn Dunphy
James and Sheila LaFleur
James Bartling
James Beal
James Burke
James Burke
James Campbell
James Chiccino
James Conroy
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James Egan
James Judge
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James Noonan
James Pickel
James Robinson
James Robson
James Roche
James Ryan
James Shaw
James Tartol
James Waters
James Watson
James Wyse
James Zawalick
Jamie Collins
Jamie Mutschler
Jamie Tasiopoulos
Jan Hitchins
Jane and Brian Krahe
Jane Bogaty
Jane Boyer
Jane Cavanaugh
Jane Cody
Jane Fallon
Jane Ford
Jane Francis
Jane Jewell
Jane McNulty
Jane Nelson
Jane Skelton
Janeen Williams
Janet Carlson
Janet Gilleran
Janet Jones
Janet Lanham
Janet Little
Janet Nascarella
Janet Silbert
Janet Watson
Janette Keddy
Janette Walsh
Janice Chapman
Janice Maloof-Tomaso
Janice McPeck
Janice Thompson
Janice Whitney
Jared and Jody Heaton
Jasmine Liu
Jason and Adriana Zeman
Jason and Christine Roberts
Jason and Rachel Macy
Jason Andrews
Jason Cincotti
Jason Kuriakose
Jason Lindsay
Jason Marcoulier
Jason Murphy
Jason Smith
Jay and Jean Driscoll
Jay and Julie McOsker
Jay Asher
Jay Cashman
Jay Murphy
Jay Olin
Jay Swartz
Jay Wickham
Jayne Kelly
Jean and Leo Shea
Jean and Paul Jay
Jean Camilleri
Jean Carson
Jean Cavanagh
Jean Coleman
Jean Errico
Jean Hoagland
Jean Kelly
Jean Ketone Saint Marc
Jean Reilly
Jean Robinson
Jeanine and Steven Delongchamp
Jeanine Perrone
Jeanne and Graham King
Jeanne Flight
Jeanne Ingle
Jeanne Lowrance
Jeanne Owens
Jeannie Hoffman
Jed Davidson
Jeff and Lynne Rosen
Jeff Chang
Jeff DeMarco
Jeff Price
Jeff Vincent
Jeffrey Johnson
Jeffrey King and Nicole Henley
Jeffrey Leerink
Jeffrey Stecklair
Jenine and James Humber
Jenna and Colin Cunningham
Jenna Brink
Jennifer  Askew
Jennifer and Andrew Wilson
Jennifer and Greg Dawe
Jennifer and Patrick Crandell
Jennifer and Stephen Fearnley
Jennifer Bush
Jennifer Cannizzaro
Jennifer Cook
Jennifer Dougherty
Jennifer Fay
Jennifer Gannon
Jennifer Lloyd
Jennifer McQuade
Jennifer Murphy
Jennifer O’Neill
Jennifer Packard
Jennifer Reid
Jennifer Roeder
Jennifer Rollins
Jennifer Sayer
Jennifer Walsh
Jennifer Watson
Jennifer Zaslow and Jim Bruneau
Jerald Burm
Jeremy and Rachel Ackman
Jeremy Cope
Jerome Sullivan
Jerry and Nicole Stonehouse
Jerry Faust
Jess and Pam Fiorelli
Jess White
Jesse Donnelly
Jessica and Brysson Curtis
Jessica and Jason Tracy
Jessica and Michael Feenan
Jessica Maher
Jessica Marcoux
Jessica Millholland
Jessica Tanguy
Jessica Wall
Jessica Wilson
Jessie Thuma
Jiawen and James Sierra
Jill and Simo Ouazzani
Jill Eshelman
Jill Goddard and Lester Tyrala
Jill Leahy
Jillian Dahan
Jim and Maureen Jarosz
Jim and Nancy Travis
Jim Pare
Jimmy Tran
Jin Zeng and Bopha Toun
Jinfang Zheng
Joan Cahalane
Joan Carr
Joan Cook
Joan Endyke
Joan Geddes
Joan Long
Joan Smith
Joan Thurston
Joan Traverse
Joan Walls
Joan Ward
Joanna and Jeremiah Hallaren
Joanna Varholak
Joanne Erickson
Joanne Feinberg
Joanne Haley
Joanne Healey
Joanne Kaplan and Stephen Hartlaub
Joanne Morrissey
Joanne Pearson
Joanne Randolph
Joanne Rogan
Jocelyn D’Amato
Jody Bouma
Jody Gillespie
Jody Heaton
Jody Maxwell
Jody Ulmer
Joe and Mary Rull
Joel and Emily Mondon
Joel and Julie  Fontaine
Joel Christensen and Shahnaaz Wister
Joel Davidson
Joel Fontaine
Johanna Burwell and Clayton Basser-Wall
Johanna McArdle
John Ahonen and Judith Rice
John and Janet Bonsey
John and Joyce O’Connor
John and Libby Kinnealey
John and Marilyn Hayes
John and Natalie Madej
John and Sarah Shaughnessy
John and Tina Hartnett
John and Tina Iredale
John C. & Eunice B. Morrison Charitable Foundation
John Campbell
John Cavacas
John Chamberlain
John Cloonan
John Corcoran
John Corcoran
John Flynn
John Flynn
John Galluzzo
John Geraghty
John Happ
John Katilus
John Kenny
John King
John Leahy
John Logue
John Maher
John Mahoney
John Maxwell
John McGrath
John Monahan
John Mullin
John Murnane
John Murphy
John Payton
John Reardon
John Reznik
John Rooney
John Ross
John Thomson
John Wessling
John Wilk
Jon and Adriene Gingrich
Jon and Jennifer Sheehan
Jon and Tracy Cyr
Jon Gardner
Jonathan and Anna Baker
Jonathan and Kaitlyn Labbe
Jonathan Bond
Jonathan Cave
Jonathan Foster
Jonathan Horan
Jonathan Janezic
Jonathan Ng
Jonathan Panagrossi
Jory Schwartz
Jose Arias and Maria Elisa Pereira
Joseph and Alison Corkery
Joseph and Cheryl Murphy
Joseph and Colleen LaRue
Joseph and Kathleen Daly
Joseph and Kathryn Sullivan
Joseph and Kristin Thurbide
Joseph and Lauren Ciocca
Joseph and Rachael Fortunato
Joseph Bongiovanni
Joseph Burrell
Joseph Cataudella
Joseph Check
Joseph Colangelo
Joseph Costello
Joseph Cummings
Joseph Fallon and Beverly Sloan
Joseph Halbert Trust
Joseph King
Joseph Lafratta
Joseph Lyons
Joseph M Kurilecz
Joseph Mello
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Nevins
Joseph O’Connor
Joseph Parziale
Joseph Polsinello
Joseph Ruccio
Josephine Loughnane
Josh and Prudence Levy
Josh and Terri Danner
Josh Krumholz
Joy Matos
Joyanne Bond
Joyce and Mark MacDonald
Joyce Brooks
Joyce Campbell
Joyce Mandel
Judith Burns
Judith Gauthier
Judith Larson
Judith Leamy
Judith Norton
Judith Palmer
Judith Petipas
Judith Sandonato
Judith Sheehan
Judith Spellman
Judith Tortolano
Judy A. Sullivan
Judy McConarty
Julia Campbell
Julia Grace Cullen
Julia Sullivan
Julian Sosnik
Juliana Halloran
Juliane Kelly
Juliann Tobin
Julianna Kane
Julie and Jonathan Smith
Julie and Peter Coppenrath
Julie Esris
Julie Ferguson
Julie Hoffman
Julie Hong
Julie Mehegan
Julie Sargeant
Julieann Leone
Justin DuMouchelle
Justin Simcock
K. Baynes
Kaitlin Folan
Kaitlin Morrison
Kaitlyn McDonough
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Kandance Frazier
Kara Gannon
Kara Kuntz
Kara Kurtzman
Kara Lochiatto
Kara Moss
Kara Thorvaldsen
Karabeth Vanick
Karen Amidon
Karen and Kevin Connolly
Karen and Mike Grant
Karen and Patrick Lynch
Karen and Rob Hale
Karen Driscoll
Karen Flaherty
Karen Griffin
Karen MacDonald and Andrew Hall
Karen Mankes
Karen McArdle
Karen Mutch-Jones and Dan Jones
Karen O’Connor
Karen Robinson
Karen Saur
Karen Sheehan
Karen Zemel
Karim Mouline
Karina and Bill McDermott
Karis Family Fund
Karthik Nambi
Kate McDonough
Kate Nelson
Katelyn O’Connor
Katharine Cronin
Katharine Newth
Katherine Allen
Katherine and James Quigley
Katherine Cashman
Katherine Hickey
Katherine O’Brien
Katherine Pijewski
Katherine Tully
Katherine Ware and David Conant
Kathie Lewis
Kathleen Amirault
Kathleen Boise
Kathleen Cotter
Kathleen Crowley
Kathleen DiFabio
Kathleen Hansen
Kathleen Hefner
Kathleen Hinckley
Kathleen Jenkins
Kathleen Kelly
Kathleen Larsen
Kathleen Lescinskas
Kathleen Manning
Kathleen Mesches
Kathleen Mulcahy
Kathleen Poles
Kathleen Reardon
Kathleen Sutton
Kathleen Taylor
Kathleen Thrun
Kathryn and Nick Lombardi
Kathryn Brandli
Kathryn Hearn
Kathryn Hearn
Kathryn Ryan
Kathryn Toohey
Kathy and Ned Tobin
Kathy Bignami
Kathy Green
Kathy Hylan
Kathy Jenkins
Kathy Kelly
Kathy McAndrew
Kathy McCarty
Kathy White
Katia Mirick
Katie Collins
Katie Martinson
Katie Murrin
Katja Pione and Regine Wodarzyk
Katrina Vulgaris
Katsiroubas Bros.
Katty Dos Santos
Kay and Jack Spurr
Kaydee Powers
Keila Rodrigues
Keilah Coon
Keith and Lori Maloney
Keith Hay
Kelley Kivior and Charles Leonard
Kelli Miller
Kelly Chan
Kelly Family Foundation
Kelly Fisher
Kelly O’Connell
Kelly Russell
Kelly Stenberg
Kelsey Flannery
Ken and Heather Litman
Ken Rhoads
Kendall Connerty
Kenneth Belovarac
Kenneth Camerota
Kenneth Hollington
Kenneth Jannotta
Kenneth Kan
Kenneth Longo
Kenneth Rosen and Mary Foley
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Kenny Wong
Kenton Greene
Kerin Dalton
Kerri Desmarais
Kerri Slavin
Kerry Hopkins
Kerry Leonard
Kerry Manning
Keshri Prajapati
Kevin & Lynne Cleary
Kevin and Jessica Cabral
Kevin and Neovi Plankey
Kevin and Stephanie Glennon
Kevin Caravella
Kevin Chandler and Darren Page
Kevin Cohane
Kevin Cole
Kevin Darcy
Kevin Devine
Kevin Esdale
Kevin Jarosz and Family
Kevin Lockwood
Kevin Maguire
Kevin McCarthy
Kevin Meskell
Kevin Schell
Kim and Andrew Delaney
Kim Schippers
Kimberly Coady
Kimberly Donadio
Kimberly Grzybala and Richard Mooney
Kimberly McPhee
Kimberly Messina
Kimberly Plummer
Kirk Holmquest
Kirsten Cote
Kishore Bhaskaran and Neelima Nair
Kristann Carson
Kristen Botelho
Kristen Murray
Kristen Noonan
Kristen Ploetz and Eric Dolinski
Kristen Sweeney
Kristin Bastoni
Kristin Goldberg
Kristin Stephens
Kristin Sybertz
Kristina Johnson
Kristina Wronski
Kristine Swan and Family
Kristine Trayers
Kristine Van Lenten
Kristopher Kronillis
Ksenia Zdanovich
Kurt Mansbach
Kurt Mohrman
Kyle and Kara Gelormini
Kyle Trube
Kyra Frank
L George Corbett
Laborers International Union
Lainey Morrison
Landon Pierron
Larry and Barbara LaForce
Larry and Emily Hill
Larry Kramer
Larry Renfro
Laszlo Beres
Laura and Ferdinand Salonga
Laura Campbell
Laura Chan
Laura Delaplain
Laura Glufling-Tham and Fu Sang Tham
Laura Liscum
Laura Reggiannini
Laura Schneider
Laura Spaziani
Laureen and Joe Browning
Lauren Duca
Lauren Mack
Lauren Rowlette
Lauren Savage
Lauri A. Sullivan
Laurie Fournier
Laurinda Drake
Lawrence and Irene Madden
Lawrence and Maryann Matthews
Lawrence Baker
Lawrence DiNardo
Lawrence Janowitch
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Leanne Mann
Leanne Mirarchi-Hale
Lee Engdahl
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Leela Nayak
Leif Todd Johnson
Leigh McGlinchey
Leland Dingee
Lenny Hourihane
Lenore Bontempo
Lenore White
Leo and Margaret Coughlin
Leon Lee
Leonard Cidado
Leonard Dent
Leshon Crawford
Lesley Makris and Harry John
Lesley Snyder
Leslie James
Leslie Taylor
Lester Lloyd and Mary Lynn Carson
Leung Family
Liam and Ashley Fleming
Liberty Bay Credit Union
Lilla Costello
Lily Lee
Lily Williams
Lina Kabbara
Linda Abi-Kheirs
Linda Beck
Linda Billikas
Linda Charam
Linda Conaway
Linda Frank
Linda Griffith Ryan
Linda King
Linda LeStage
Linda Mcgrath
Linda Menard
Linda Muldoon
Linda Perry
Linda Schatz
Linda Schuhwerk
Linda Smith
Lindsay Ford
Lindsay Purcell
Lindsay Sandmeyer
Lindy Hansen
Lisa Alvanas
Lisa and Jim White
Lisa Cater
Lisa Feldman
Lisa Geaney
Lisa Grande-Follen
Lisa Howe
Lisa Murray
Lisa Puglia
Lisa Sinatra
Lisa Stein
Lisabeth Daly
Lisa-Marie Fitch
Lisel and Sean Couture
Liseli Mando
Liz Vasquez
Lois Adams
Lois Athanasiou
Lois Bilton
Long and Kimberly Nguyen
Long Ngo
Long Yin Ng
Loredana Graca
Lorena Oreadi
Lorenda Layne
Loretta Wiatr and Daniel Sweetser
Lori Abel
Lori Donnellan
LoriAnne Reale
Lorna White
Lorraine Austin
Lorraine Lebel
Lorraine Murrin
Louis and Deborah Valanzola
Louis D’Arpino
Louis Gangi
Louis Monti
Louisa Hayward and Roger Petersen
Louise Beaudry
Louise Moline
Lucy Dickman
Luis Casal
Lydia Vega
Lynda Damon
Lynda Fann and Richard Bello
Lynda Klein
Lynn Frattasio
Lynn Gifford
Lynn Sciera and  John Boehmke
Lynne Anne Byron
Lynne Houghton
Lynne Winnett
L. Alsbach\
Lucilia Esteves
MA Ex-Pat in AZ wishing he is in MA
Mabel and James Conroy
Mack and Carolyn Spellman
Madeline Cote
Madelyn DeRosa
Madelyn Sinnott
Madonna Murphy
Maegan and Matt Harden
Maggie Sheehan
Mai Du
Malene Robinson
Mandy Chow
Manickam Aruna Muthukumar
Mara and Richard Calame
Marc and Carla Poulson
Marc and Laura Glennon
Marc Segerman
Marcelina Martins
Marcia Goulter
Marcia Lee Briggs
Marcia Mantell
Marco and Ces Anciano
Maren Heise
Margaret and Joseph O’Neill
Margaret Bannen
Margaret Butler
Margaret Dawson
Margaret Donaher
Margaret Fajardo
Margaret Fernsler
Margaret Fogarty
Margaret Gatulis
Margaret Gaudreau
Margaret Lelakes
Margaret Louie
Margaret O’Brien
Margaret O’Connor
Margaret Perchard
Margaret Schnabel
Margaret Sheridan
Marguerite Peggy Hernandez and Geoff Ide
Maria Calderon Baron
Maria Carvalho
Maria Darcangelo
Maria Gomes
Maria Liszkiewicz
Maria McMahon
Maria Nieves-Tragellis
Maria Perez and Carlos Munoz
Maria Regueiro
Mariam Alamoudi
Marian Donovan
Marian Graczyk
Marian Mccarthy
Marianne Hurley
Marianne King
Marianne Lebigot and David Levinson
Marie Arienti
Marie Barraclough
Marie Donovan
Marie Dowling
Marie Kashner
Marie Kresge
Marie McKinnon
Marie Sobchuk
Marie Sullivan
Marie-Therese Browne
Marilyn Crehan
Marilyn Horrigan
Marilyn Jackson
Marilynn Raineri
Marina Alberti
Marinelli Law Office
Mario Ecker
Mario Gallotto
Mario Turner
Marjorie Williams
Mark and Elizabeth Hernandez
Mark and Janice Tully
Mark and Michele Dickinson
Mark and Rebecca Warner
Mark Carnathan
Mark Costello
Mark Dailey
Mark Davidson
Mark Gordon
Mark Kasindorf
Mark Sheehan
Marlana Caruso
Marleen Gainey
Marlene Howard
Marsha Cannon
Marsha Eidlin
Marsha McCormick
Martha Clapp
Martha DiGregorio
Martha Leddy
Martha Linares
Martha Plotkin
Martha Sue Harris
Martha Webber
Martha Zonderman
Martin and Cathi Thomas
Martin Dolphin
Martin Mann
Marty Sullivan
Mary and John Danehy
Mary and Thomas Manning
Mary Ann Bertino
Mary Ann Nee
Mary Anne Cirino
Mary Benson
Mary Beth and Austin Burke
Mary Beth Guay
Mary Beth Hynes
Mary Briggs
Mary Caiani
Mary Cambra
Mary Cook
Mary Coughlin
Mary Cox
Mary Darcy
Mary DeAngelo
Mary Ellen Crowley and Aengus Morris
Mary Ellen Reardon
Mary Farrell
Mary Flanagan
Mary Flavin
Mary Flowers
Mary Harvey
Mary Hassett
Mary Hurley
Mary Hurley
Mary Jane Attardo
Mary Jane Callahan
Mary Judith Cingolani
Mary Katides
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Mary McGrath
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Mary Sullivan
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Masanobu Horiyama
Mass Cultural Council
Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Matt and Elana Whelan
Matt and Holly Cappello
Matt and Jen Shadrick
Matt and Lori Briscoe
Matt Vraibel
Matthew and Allison Swartz
Matthew and Christine Hithins
Matthew and Donna Porter
Matthew and Kathleen Nelson
Matthew and Kimberly Zayotti
Matthew Havens
Matthew Kardok
Matthew Killorin
Matthew Maggio
Matthew Silvia
Maura O’Gara
Maura Parnell
Maura Penna
Maura Puckett
Maura Wilkins
Maureen and Alan Schnider
Maureen Carey
Maureen Devine
Maureen Dowd
Maureen Ferreira
Maureen Gaughan
Maureen McInnis
Maureen Melone
Maureen Okeefe
Mayra Cuello
McCusker-Gill, Inc.
Mckenzie Hill
Meagan Fernsler
Meagan Riley
Meaghan Chapman
Meaghan Hilton
Meg and Eric Hartley
Meg and Tom Maguire
Megan Bisceglia
Megan Fennelly
Megan Jarriel
Megan Parmar
Meghan Aycock
Meghan Crehan
Meghan Feldpausch
Meghan Gates
Meghan Mccaffrey
Meghann Murray
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Melissa and Marc Deschamp
Melissa Bennion
Melissa Brown-Rosenbladt
Melissa Butka
Melissa Crane
Melissa Daley
Melissa Kaufman
Melissa McInnis
Melissa Wong
Mengting Ye
Merchants Fleet
Mia and Jeff Rochte
Mia White
Michael Ahern
Michael and Amy Bergman
Michael and Jamie DesRoche
Michael and Karen Donovan
Michael and Kathleen Toomey
Michael and Kelly Pickett
Michael and Kerri Noris
Michael and Shawn Higgins
Michael and Susan Wolfe
Michael and Vanessa Gobes
Michael Barrett
Michael Beagan and Trisha Kingsbury
Michael Bizzozero
Michael Brenton
Michael Buckley
Michael Call
Michael Cooney
Michael Corcoran
Michael Crosby
Michael Flavin
Michael Gendron
Michael Girard
Michael Habermann
Michael Howell
Michael Hurley
Michael Kingsbury
Michael McVay
Michael Mullin
Michael Nee
Michael Nielsen
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Michael Smith
Michael Walsh

Michel and Amy Feldman
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Michele Chen
Michele Crawford
Michele Davis
Michele Driscoll
Michele Girard
Michelle and Bryan Duggan
Michelle and Kevin Byrne
Michelle Cooley
Michelle Daley
Michelle Glidden
Michelle Holsberg
Mickayla Matiyosus
Microsoft Philanthropies
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Mikala and Diego Vidal
Mike (Dennis) Ryan
Mike and Lynn Barclay
Mike and Patricia Spatola
Mike Conena
Mike Thomson
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Miria Liniers and Javier Estrada
Missy and Paul Leone
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Molly Benoit
Monica Christianson
Monica Natale
Monique Foster
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Montanari Family
Montclair Elemenary School Graduating Class of 2020
Moriarty Troyer & Malloy LLC
MountainOne Bank
Mydzung Bui
Myesha Daughtry
Myra Coufal
Nakeya Miller
Nalani Depina
Nancianne Allen
Nancie Glazer
Nancy Abreu
Nancy and Scott Sanborn
Nancy Chrostowski
Nancy Davis
Nancy Doherty
Nancy Edwards
Nancy Fay
Nancy Hannah and Lawrence Janowitch
Nancy Hoff
Nancy Inglis
Nancy Larkham
Nancy Martin
Nancy McDermott
Nancy Sinclair
Nancy Troland
Natalie DiCecca
Natalie Rubin
Natasha Anaya
Nathan and Patricia Dowden
Nathan Landaverde
National Grid
National Informal Science Education Network (NISE)
Neda Sheridan
Neil and Juliana McLaughlin
New England Recreation Group
Nicholas and Arianne Rucky
Nicholas and Jennifer Dean
Nicholas Favale
Nick Moore
Nicole Sciara
Nicole Yun
Nikhil Bhatt
Nikki Nihan
Nina M. Risi
Noel Dibona
Nolan Collins
Nolan DaSilva
Nora Conley
Nora Hughes
Nora Schneider
Noreen and Siobhan Barden
Noris Perez
Not For Profit Capital Strategies
Nyan and Amanda Baar
Oanh Pham
Olga Gornovaya
Olivia Li
On Behalf of Kelly French
Owen Vallancourt
Pablo DeTorres
Palelei Hiehiapo
Pam McIsaac and Sean Conley
Pam Yannone
Pamela Battaglino
Pamela Beatty
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Pamela McArdle
Pamela Redgate
Paolo Carfagnini
PAR Advisory Group
Parkinson’s Foundation
Pasquale and Simplisse Family
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Pat Pervane
Patricia and Kevin McDonough
Patricia and David Dobrindt
Patricia and George Murphy
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Patricia Connolly
Patricia DelVal
Patricia Donahue
Patricia Downey
Patricia Gillis
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Patricia Jones
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Patricia Lange
Patricia McDonald
Patricia Mills
Patricia Peters
Patricia Pettinelli
Patricia Regan
Patricia Robinson
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Patrick and Anne Kealy
Patrick and Erin Brower
Patrick and Laura Moriarty
Patrick and Laura Murphy
Patrick and Rebecca Angland
Patrick Bronske
Patrick Conroy
Patrick Greene
Patrick Hayes
Patrick Hewett
Patrick Maxey
Patrick Walsh
Patty and Mark Garrity
Patty DiNatale
Patty McHugh
Paul and Christine Masuret
Paul and Danielle Lombardi
Paul and Jan MacKay
Paul and Karen Lane
Paul and Ruby Anastasio
Paul and Sonya Hardiman
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Paul Campbell
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Paul Cowan
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Paul Sanborg Plumbing & Heating
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Peloton Consulting Group; Peloton Kids Foundation; Guy F. Daniello
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Peter and Kathy Joseph
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Peter and Sharon Gallagher
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Peter DiNatale
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Pro Nightscape & Irrigation
PS Gourmet Coffee Inc.
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Q Smile Dental Spa
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Quincy Mutual Group
Quirk Auto Dealerships
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Rachel Hazard
Rachel Horak
Rachel Lavoie
Rachel Peck
Rachel Schewe
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Rae Sanders
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Ralph and Betsy Gordon
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Randall Whittle
Randy Alamo
Randy Jarvis
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Ray Theberge
Raymond Mahoney
Raymond Vondette
RCH Roofing Corporation
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Rebecca Jonah
Rebecca Leary
Rebecca Towne
Rebecca Warner
Reda Laftih
Reena and Rishi Patel
Reggie’s Oil Co. Inc.
Regina and Robert Kennedy
Regina Aubuchon
Regina Schiel
Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company
Remone and Ashley Gordon
Renata Barros
Renee Tabor
Rev. Adolph and Barbara Wismar
Rhonda Holyoke
Rich Mahoney
Richard and Carol O’Brien
Richard and Christa Coyne
Richard and Kathleen Ofsthun
Richard and Nancy Sponenbergh
Richard and Robin Parsons
Richard and Sandra Gruenler
Richard Bell
Richard Bell and Ann McGinn
Richard Fitzpatrick
Richard Green
Richard Guerra
Richard Hebert
Richard Higgins
Richard Kantor
Richard Kelly
Richard Mullens
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Richard Stuver
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Rick Palma
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Ring Bros. Wholsesale
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Rob and Colleen Bonner
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Rob Saltmarsh
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Robert Allison
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Robert and Ai Koenig
Robert and Barbara McEvoy
Robert and Christine Powers
Robert and Elaine Ryan
Robert and Elise Beaulieu
Robert and Gay Demaggio
Robert and Karen Mattie
Robert and Kelly Doherty
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Robert and Kristine DeMarco
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“At Arbella, we recognize in these unprecedented times that there is an urgent need for the emergency services that the South Shore YMCA is able to provide. The Arbella Insurance Foundation is proud to support the organization’s food pantry and childcare program at this time and hopes that once the YMCA is able to reopen, the organization will be on solid footing to serve the greater community.”
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A grateful community thanks you.

Thank you to our members for supporting our cause by donating their membership and sharing these words of encouragement!

  • “Thanks for supporting the community. Looking forward to returning to the Y!”
  • “Thank you for giving us a choice.”
  • “Thank you for doing this.”
  • “Thank you for all that the ymca does!”
  • “Please donate our joint membership.”
  • “Thank you for the work you do for our community. Wishing you all good health. <3”
  • “Thank you! Wonderful effort on the part of the Y.”
  • “Hello, I’m pleased to help my community during this hard time. Thanks for providing the option.”
  • “Missing the Y especially the Partnership Program. Wishing and praying for all.”
  • “Thank you for the important work you are doing.”
  • “Stay well, can’t wait to get back in the pool!”
  • “Thank you for all you do to support our community!”
  • “Thank you, YMCA, for being such an important part of our community <3”
  • “Please use this as a tax-deductible donation until life gets back to some semblance of normal.”
  • “We’re going to stay with you as long as we can.”
  • “My wife and I will also be donating to support the Germantown Food Bank and childcare for emergency workers. Thanks for all you do and hope to see you again soon!”
  • “Thank YOU All.”
  • “Good luck – hope to see you soon.”
  • “Prayers for all to stay safe! I’m a nurse & ask that you urge all to stay home!”
  • “Thank you for all you do.”
  • “Thank you for all you are doing for our community!”
  • “Stay safe, positive, and healthy. Thank you for your good work.”
  • “Thank you for providing this opportunity to donate my membership.”
  • “Please use towards Quincy emergency services if possible, thank you.”
  • “Please keep up the good work!”
  • “Although I miss going to the Y, I understand how important it is to be safe and healthy. I gladly donate my membership to help in any way that you deem necessary.”
  • “Thank you for doing this!”
  • “Great plan!”
  • “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give back.”
  • “You guys are doing a great job.”
  • “Thank you for your work to support the residents of the city I love so much.”
  • “I am hereby donating the future membership fees to support emergency services.”
  • “Keep up the wonderful work you all do and stay safe.”
  • “Stay Safe and Thank You!”
  • “Thank you for the charitable work you do. Stay safe and healthy.”
  • “Hello, I would like to donate my April’s membership fee. Stay safe and God blessed.”
  • “Great idea! Thank you.”
  • “Best wishes to all in the community who are in need during this challenging time. I moved to Quincy recently from Dallas and the Y has been a welcoming community spot from the start of my time here.”
  • “Best of luck with your endeavors and see you when you reopen.”
  • “God Bless us.”
  • “I am happy to help! I commend the hard work and contributions of the Quincy YMCA to the community!”
  • “Thank you for all you do for our communities!”
  • “Please donate the entire household. Thank you! Be well. Can’t wait to get back into the Quincy Y!”
  • “We would love our membership fee to help feed the hungry in our community and help seniors.”
  • “Even when closed, the Y does great things for our community! Thank you!”
  • “Thank you for keeping us informed and providing ongoing daycare, senior services, and food pantry. Wishing you all good health.”
  • “Keep up the good work!”
  • “I will be praying for your staff as you continue to provide services to those in need in our community during this critical time. God bless you.”
  • “Thank you for the great work your doing. Makes me proud to be a member.”
  • “Thank you & all of the employees that are taking on being courageous, still meeting those in our communities face to face that desperately need that type of support. Food shelter & hope! Donating our membership pales in comparison to the good works the Y has done for decades. Thank you!”
  • “Grrrrrrreat Idea!!!!! Stay safe!!!!”
  • “Prayers for everyone.”
  • “We will be just fine if we pull together.”
  • “God Bless all that you do!”
  • “I am very pleased that the Y is cooperating with Father Bill’s to provide temporary housing during this time of crisis. Thank you for caring for the vulnerable in our community.”
  • “Stay healthy!”
  • “Happy to help. Stay safe!”
  • “God Bless!”
  • “Thank you for the support you are providing to our community.”
  • “Prayers for all!!”
  • “I support the Y in its efforts to assist the neediest within our community. Best wishes.”
  • “Thank you great idea 💡 Stay safe.”
  • “Thank you for all of the hard work you are doing, to figure out these tough times!”


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