Partnership Program Grows Stronger with New Equipment

Posted: Apr. 20, 2022 Support Adaptive Programs at the Y

Thanks to the beneficence of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and the Casey family, the South Shore YMCA Partnership Program has grown by two pieces of equipment in recent months. The Partnership Program is a non-clinical support program that pairs Y members with physical disabilities alongside trained Y staff and volunteers to assist in using specialized fitness equipment, pools, recreational activities and sports at the Y.

In 2021, the Y family lost longtime member and Partnership program participant Tom Casey. “The Partnership Program staff would set up Tom on the Nustep and tell him to pedal for 30 minutes,” said Katelyn Szafir, Branch Executive of the Quincy Y. “Then we’d look over and he would NOT be pedaling but chatting with the people on either side of him! We’d call over to him and say ‘Tom! You actually have to move your legs!’ and he would smile and wink at us as he started up again.” Tom’s wife Judy would join him at the Y, getting in her own workout as Tom exercised with his buddy Dan.

After Tom’s passing, as a thank you to the Y, on April 13, 2022, his wife donated funds for the purchase of a Sci Fit Stepper for use by the Partnership Program’s participants going forward. Two months later, the Y received the wonderful news that the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation had granted the Y $8,191 for the purchase of a VMX Dual Trainer, a pulldown machine that helps with strength and flexibility.

“We’re so grateful for these new pieces of equipment,” said Katelyn. “These specialized machines allow us to provide our members with access to essential exercise, crucial to helping them live long, healthy lives.”

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