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Open to serve our community. Safe. Clean. Ready.

We’ve prepared a safe environment to welcome our members back, with new guidelines for facility and equipment use. You’ll see changes designed for healthy physical distancing, the spacing of fitness equipment, ample access to hand sanitizer and sanitizer stations, and significant disinfecting of equipment and activity areas throughout the day. As well, we will deliberately phase in areas and amenities of low risk as we grow back to full capacity.

South Shore YMCA Members & Program Participants Only

Due to state guidelines and capacity restrictions, in Phase 3, only active South Shore YMCA members and active Program Participants may visit our facilities. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Nationwide Membership at this time.

Face Masks Must Be Worn in the Facility

Anyone over the age of 2 years old is required to wear a face mask while in our facility unless swimming in or pools or showering.

Reservations Are Required for Pools, Playrooms and Basketball Courts

We are excited to resume some of your favorite Y membership activities, and we’re doing it safely, in full compliance with national, state, and local guidelines. To comply with State facility capacity and physical distancing regulations in Phase 3, an online reservation will be required for the following member activities. Click the blue button below or visit to make your reservation:

  • Lap Swimming (2 swimmers per lane, as of October 5)
  • Family Swim
  • Playroom
  • Basketball (Quincy only)


To protect one another, every time you visit the Y, you be asked to self-certify that the following is true before entering our facilities:

  • I have not had a cough or fever for 14 days
  • I have been Covid-19 symptom-free for 14 days
  • I agree to maintain physical distancing wherever possible
  • I agree to clean any equipment I touch immediately after use
  • I agree to wear my own mask/mouth & nose covering during my visit
  • I will sanitize my hands upon arrival and during my visit
  • I have not, to my knowledge, been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days
  • I have not traveled to or from a Higher Risk State within the last 14 days as classified by the Massachusetts Department of Health. IF SO, I have quarantined the appropriate amount of time or produced a negative test within the appropriate timeframe per the Massachusetts Travel Policy

Reopening FAQs

Will I have to wear a mask?

Yes, members will be required to wear a mask when you enter the building.  Some exceptions apply, such as swimming, children under 2 years old and certain medical conditions.

Will I have to reserve/schedule a time to visit the Y?

Yes, but only for Pools, Playrooms, and Basketball Court use (Quincy only).

Will you have reduced hours?

Yes, but only slightly. To allow time for proper deep cleaning and nightly sanitization of our facilities, we will be open under a slightly reduced schedule. See our location pages at or for hours of operation.

How will I sign/scan in?

Members will be asked to stand 6 feet apart, as we quickly prescreen members with a Self-Certification process. Once you pass prescreening, you will be asked to sanitize your hands and scan your own card at the front desk.

Will you run group exercise classes once we enter Phase 3?

Yes, we are running a schedule of classes. All group exercise classes will be conducted in our field house / gymnasium, outside (weather permitting) or other spaces to allow for physical distancing. Our traditional fitness studios will be reserved for personal training and small group training. Our Group Exercise Schedules can be found at

What about physical distancing?

We have rearranged our equipment and facilities to allow for traffic flows and physical distancing wherever possible. We have made special accommodations for physical distancing during exercise and are taking numerous other safety precautions regarding COVID-19. We have displayed clear “RED MEANS STOP THE SPREAD” signage throughout the facility to help all members safely and easily navigate our new layouts, keeping a safe distance from one another. We are slowly opening parts of our Ys, in a limited capacity, as safely as possible.

What are your cleaning and sanitizing policies/procedures?

We have implemented new and enhanced cleaning programs and procedures, following all cleaning and sanitizing guidelines set forth by the CDC.

  • We have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized our facilities in preparation for your arrival.
  • Clear GREEN MEANS CLEAN signage will be visible throughout the branch to show you where increased cleaning and sanitization stations are located throughout the building.
  • With enhanced cleaning protocols, you will see staff cleaning constantly each day.
  • Members play an important role in keeping each other safe. Members must clean equipment before and after use, and be sure to wash/sanitize hands before each workout and throughout your visit.
  • Our Y is professionally cleaned and sanitized each evening.
  • Airflow buildings through filtered HVAC systems introduce fresh air to the building all day/night

Can I bring a guest?

Unfortunately, no. Because facility access is limited, Guest Passes will not be allowed during this time. This includes Nationwide Reciprocity. Everyone is welcome to join the Y, however!

Are you accepting new memberships?

Absolutely! We will be accepting new memberships and our “Membership for All” program allows members to pay based on their current income situation.

What if I have been laid off from work?

Our “Membership for All” program allows members to potentially pay a reduced rate based on your current income situation.

What areas/amenities are open?

  • Wellness/Strength Equipment – Spaced apart for physical distancing. Limited capacity.
  • Indoor Pools / Lap Swimming – By reservation only
  • Group Exercise – Available with limited group sizes and physical distancing in place. Held in gymnasium/field house and outdoors where possible.
  • Locker Rooms – Limited Capacity
  • Playroom – Limited Capacity. Reservation required.
  • Tennis – Private or Small Group by reservation
  • Personal Training & Pilates – Private or Small Group with reservation
  • Some Programs – Programs have returned with limited group size.
  • Gymnasium / Field House – Open with limited free time. Quincy basketball courts are available by reservation only.
  • Spaulding Rehabilitation

What areas remain closed?

These areas may be closed or repurposed when we reopen, but as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we hope to bring things back soon.

  • Whirlpools, saunas, and steam rooms are closed until Phase 4.
  • Some programs are not available at this time, but we are working to bring them back soon.
  • Other areas of your Y may be closed to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. These areas will be marked with clear signage.
  • SkyTrail indoor ropes course will not be available at this time.
  • Cafés will not reopen at this time.

Can I bring my children?

Yes. Children 6-weeks to 6-years old are welcome at the Playroom. We have rearranged our Playroom spaces to keep children safe during their time. Reservations are required.

What happens when there is a confirmed case of COVID-19?

We are prepared for this. We follow the guidelines and steps mapped out by CDC and the local Board of Health.

Our strict procedures of wearing masks and practicing physical distancing should eliminate the opportunity for “close” (within 6 feet), “prolonged” (15 minutes), and “unmitigated” (no mask) contact with other Y members and staff. If a member or staff member were to contract COVID-19 and unknowingly came to the Y, we will trace that person’s movements to establish if anyone could have had such exposure and report this to our local Board of Health. Working with them, we will follow their guidance.

Again, our procedures should reduce this from occurring, but it is up to all of us to protect each other. Wear your mask. Practice Physical distancing. Stay home if you feel ill. Wash your hands and all the equipment you use.

South Shore YMCA Named COVID-19 Heroes

The South Shore YMCA was honored to be named COVID-19 Heroes by the City of Quincy Council for our service in keeping the community safe and fed during the pandemic. Read Story


Come see how clean, safe, and ready we are to help you get moving and active in 2021! Join South Shore YMCA Chief Operating Officer, Trevor Williams, as he takes you on a virtual tour of our Emilson Y and Quincy Y branches. If you have never been to our Y before, or you haven’t been in a while, schedule a Safety Tour and come see us. We’ll be smiling under our masks!



Safe. Clean. Ready. Come see how our Y has changed for you.

If you haven't been to our Y, or haven't been in a while, schedule a Safety Tour to see how we have changed. We will be smiling under our face masks as we safely show you around.

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