Introducing eGym!

Available in our new eGym Studio at the Emilson YMCA, eGym provides a more personalized, 30-minute private training experience that makes strength training simple. Be confident that you are working out the right way for YOU and your goals every time you train with eGym.

eGym is fun, effective…and free to South Shore YMCA members!

Benfits of eGym

eGym takes the guesswork out of strength training, with equipment that combines state-of-the-art technology and modern training concepts to motivate you and make workouts fun.

  • Highly efficient use of your work-out time.
  • Smooth and guided transition from one machine to next.
  • Encourages you to focus on training to maximize your benefits.
  • Enables more people to use the equipment.
  • Reduces your wait time between exercises

To use these machines, each member completes a free orientation where they receive their personalized identification band, which allows the machines to recognize you, adjust for height, weight and strength, and tracks your progress.

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Why eGym works

eGym was developed using state-of-the-art exercise science, with different workouts tailored to individual goals and experience— a weightlifter works out differently than someone who has never strength trained. eGym adapts the equipment settings based on your goal, progress and body type:

  • Weight: If you want to gain muscle, eGym will set a higher training weight whereas a lower weight is sufficient for weight loss.
  • Number of reps: Many repetitions with less weight define the muscle, whereas few repetitions with more weight enlarge it.
  • Training duration: eGym alternates long, less intensive sessions with short, high intensity ones to ensure that you’ll continue to grow.
  • Pace of Movement: A fast, explosive movement has a different effect than a long slow movement.


Check out the new eGym Studio!

Schedule your 30-minute orientation with our trained staff to guide you, all in our new private eGym studio. Discover how eGym can help reach your goals.

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