Emilson Y basketball courts and fitness floor reopen June 15

Senior Health & Fitness Programs

It’s true what they say – we all get better with age!

For many, exercise is like a fountain of youth, helping us to thrive as we age. Staying active with regular exercise programs helps to enjoy everyday life with energy and vigor, and fewer medications. Regular exercise is fun, helps with mental clarity, gives us energy, and helps to look and feel better as we age.

The South Shore YMCA offers a variety of group exercise classes and programs for seniors who want to remain active by engaging in low-impact exercise to manage weight, control disease, improve strength, mobility and stability. Our classes and programs are led by caring, friendly instructors who are here to guide you safely, every step of the way.

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I am 84 years old and have been swimming at the Y for 33 years at 6am before heading for work. I’m retired and continued that routine for 15 years. I’ve been having chemo recently and the MD’s are amazed at how strong all my vitals are and what a strong constitution I have. They all attribute it to my exercise routine. Thanks, YMCA…I think you may have saved my life. Mary

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