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To help more people transition from medical treatment to sustained health and wellness, the South Shore YMCA’s Prescribe the Y program offers community health workshop, education, support networks, nutrition and exercise programs designed to bridge the gap between clinical care and community care. Through evidence-based Prescribe the Y programs and the support of our strong Y community, individuals can take control of their health and well-being to maintain long-term health benefits.

How it Works

  1. Choose your program. See examples below.
  2. Enroll. Two simple ways to enroll:
    – Self-referral: Call the South Shore YMCA Prescribe the Y team to enroll in your class of choice at 857-403-4708.
    – Physician referral: Talk to your doctor! The South Shore YMCA partners with physicians and health care providers to refer patients through a confidential referral process. For physical activity programs, our team will provide a medical clearance form to your physician with a confidential feedback report.
  3. Enjoy the program! When your program is complete, our team works with you to determine the right path for additional programs, ongoing physical activity and education.
  4. Feedback. If referred by a physician, our team will provide you and your physician with a confidential feedback report.


Cancer Support

Staystrong – the South Shore YMCA’s free, year-long support program for cancer patients, survivors and families. Thanks to the generous support of donors, this program is offered at no cost to participants. Learn more about Staystrong

Enhance Fitness

Enhance Fitness – Enhance Fitness is a comprehensive exercise program designed to improve the overall health and wellbeing of individuals, particularly those who are older or have chronic health conditions such as arthritis. This evidence based program combines aerobic activity, strength training, flexibility exercises and balance exercises in a supportive group setting. Registration is required for SSYMCA Members & Non-Members. Learn more about Enhance Fitness

Cardiac Maintenance

Cardiac & Pulmonary Transitions – 10-week program for individuals transitioning from cardiac rehabilitation. Participants meet 1:1 with a trainer then follow a personalized strength and cardio plan.

Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring – 16-week course offers personalized support to develop a blood pressure self-monitoring routine with tips for maintaining cardiovascular health. Learn more…

Fall Prevention & Senior Wellness

A Matter of Balance – 8-week educational and physical activity program that teaches strategies for managing and reducing fall risks.

Fall Prevention – 4-week balance and strength training program based on research from Dr. Wayne Wescott, expert in the benefits of strength training.

Tai Chi – This free, weekly group exercise class offers gentle exercise, stretching, and deep breathing to integrate mind and body. Check out schedules for details.

Enhance Fitness – 16-week physical activity and management program to help Seniors reduce arthritis symptoms, improve endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.

Diabetes Prevention & Management

My Life, My Health – Developed by Stanford University’s Medical Center, this 6-week program helps participants prevent, manage and cope with Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes.

YMCA’s Diabetes Prevention Program – This year-long, small-group educational program supports participants as they learn to eat healthy, exercise and set goals to reduce the risk of developing Diabetes. The South Shore YMCA has received the highest level of full CDC recognition for this course.

Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes – 10-week physical activity program for individuals living with Diabetes or Pre-Diabetes. Participants meet 1:1 with a trainer to design a personalized exercise plan.

Parkinson's & Multiple Sclerosis Structured Exercise

Parkinson’s & Multiple Sclerosis Cardiovascular & Strength – 10-week class provides structured exercise with balancing, stretching and indoor cycling to improve aerobic capacity, muscular strength, gait, balance, and motor function.

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Katelyn Szafir, Medical Wellness Director
South Shore YMCA



The South Shore YMCA is a charity. When you give, we can give back. Prescribe the Y is a free service made possible by the generosity of our friends, donors and volunteers. Help support all that the Y has to offer.